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Review - Monster Lab Miniatures bases

So Matt Ochs from Monster Lab Miniatures contacted me and asked if I would like some free bases for Malifaux/Warmachine on the basis I review them; I said does a bear shit in the woods :)

Matt generously sent me six packets of allsorted bases. It took less than a week for me to receive them and Matt was shipping from US all the way to me in ol' blighty.

The first thing I notice about the bases is they are packaged very well considering these products are from a smaller company. The bases come in separate bags sealed at the top with the company graphic with added titled of what the product is; no confusion to be had if you get a crap load of bases - just like Matt has sent!

Corpse Markers

The corpse markers were the first bases I got out the box; they are simple bases with piles of bones and skulls dropped on a dirt base. Simple and effective and really handy for malifaux players who use Resurrectionists.

Scheme Markers

The scheme markers and used in malifaux for objectives. You can require quite a lot of them in a game depending what mission you're playing. These markers are simple and effective; dirt bases with some little nic nak on top like a treasure chest or a tool box with cogs or sticks of dynamite. The attention to detail here is great and something you'd expect from a much larger company with much more resources.

Crystal Markers

These markers have the least interest to me to be honest, probably because I have nothing suited for these bases. The bases are pretty simple in design; a flat base which is probably some kind of ice sheet with crystals erupting up cracking the surface. These are probably my least favourite bases, but that's just me, so don't let that put you off.

Scrap Markers

If you're using a Ramos crew or something alike in Malifaux, then these bases are for you! There's a massive amount of detail on these bases such as wires, pipes, cogs, shells and other robotic bits and pieces. I really cannot recommend these bases enough - great product!

50mm Wreck Markers

I think these are for Warmachine bases upon the product title. Much like the scrap markers, there's plenty of attention to detail here, lots of little robotic parts and pieces and parts of Warjacks on the bases. This base in particular have a very professional and quality look about them.

Final Thoughts

Monster Lab Miniatures have made some very good quality and detailed bases which will compliment Malifaux and Warmachine and when used with models, the bases will add the final touch.

The 30mm bases come in packs of 5 and cost a bank breaking $5. At the moment only the above bases are available, though Matt has told me that paranormal,  city ruins and western bases are coming soon.

The 40mm and 50mm bases are $5.5 for 3 and $5 for 2 for the 50mm.

These bases are from the March new releases, though Matt has told me that 40k bases are coming soon.

Check out the web site:


Malifaux: unboxing the Latigo Posse

I picked up the new Latigo Posse set yesterday.  For those unfamiliar it's a cowboy family lead by Perdita Ortega.

I've wanted this set for sometime; the models are sweet and I've played against this crew several times and they're a cracking force to be reckoned with.

The Sprue

The Latigo Posse comes with six models in the set. All models except the Enslaved Nephilim are part of the Ortega family.

Perdita Ortega: Perdita is the crew master, if you're unfamiliar with a master think of Perdita as a HQ choice. Peridta is pretty easy to put together; legs join together, body on top along the head. Pop the arms and lower coat on and you're done.

Francisco Ortega: Francisco is the henchmen in the crew, a henchmen is like a less powerful master who and can lead smaller crews; up to 20 soul stones if I remember right. Francisco is just as difficult to put together as Perdita (not very); you have the body, lower coat, arms, single leg to attach then the head and hat. The only minor issue is that Francisco sits on the lip of the base and personally I like my models completely inside the rim of the base, but that's just me been picky!

Santiago Ortega: big guys are usually pretty simple and that's the same case for Santiago. This guy is half the size bigger than the other models and looks like a complete power house. Putting together you just need to stick on the head, arms and the skull belt buckle, which is a little silly having something like that, but it went on easy enough.

Nino Ortega: this guy is a little fiddly to put together and that's because of the pose. Sticking the gun and arms in place was easy along with the head, but the legs stick together like Perdita and then push through the lower coat; my Nino has the coat too low, so the left foot doesn't even touch the base. There's also plenty of fiddly bits as well.

Papa Loco: I built this crazy bastard first and the model was very easy to put together; legs join like other models, body on top along with the head then the single arm and a loose strap. I would say that along with Santiago,  Papa Loco is one of the easiest models to put together in the set.

Enslaved Nephilim: this little shit was a complete pain to assemble! The legs join like other models, but as this guy is so fiddly and small you need some serious patience. The hardest part I found was the chain linking the little gribblies legs.


I found this set to be the easiest set I've put together so far, ok I can only compare to the Guild's Judgement set, but the Latigo Posse was a lot easier to put together.

If you like cowboy demon hunters what have cool and easy to put together models, then I would get this set.


Malifaux: The Torch and Blade

Just purchased the sonnia crid witch hunter crew :) I'll do an un-boxing when I get the boxset.



Malifaux scenery - wild west!

Got a set of four buildings plus gallows for £30 inc postage; what a deal!

I'll be possibly getting the whore house, which is a big ass building,  but I'll see how much board space I have with the others first.



Necron army for sale

Necron army for sale 2k points. Sone slight damage but everything can be easily repaired.

£250 plus postage - this army would cost shy of £400 if you bought it brand new from g.w.

*picture is taken with flash to add glow




Yes, I'm still here :)

I've decided to take a break from 40k for a bit or at least reduce my game time. I'm not feeling the vibe for it at the moment for one reason or another.

I've decided to give malifaux a try. I looked into it about a year ago,  though the metal models put me off. Now, Wyrd are producing plastic models, so I decided to take the plunge!

I picked up the guild's judgement set as I was told it's good for newbies. I've had three games so far and won one, though best part is I'm really enjoying playing malifaux and find it a fun and balanced game. In my last game Lady Justice bitch slapped and instagibed a Witchling Stalker after it failed to hit her in melee; Lady Justice is such a beast!

Hopefully I'll be doing more malifaux related posts :)



News: tyranid rules dump

Here's a massive tyranid rules dump. I took this from blood of kittens.

Time to get started!

Pretty much everything...

Shadow in the Warp:
Shadow in the Warp gives enemy psykers -3 LD when within range.
The HQ Options:
For starters, I note there's no rule that makes the Tervigon a troop choice. They are HQ, and you pretty much have to surrender a Hive Tyrants to take one. The only real upside is that they produces the same 'Gaunts you use as a troop choice, along with all the upgrades. Sorry, I am blind (see replies below). For every brood of 30 (all 30) Gaunts you can get one as a troop choice.
It's interesting to see Deathleaper as a HQ choice, and at 130 pts only snap shots can be taken at him. Not bad, but he lacks synapse. The Swarmlord is now 285 pts, with little in the way of new features to recommend it. The Tyranid Prime at 125 pts is a bit pricey, since it also chews up a HQ slot, and Old One Eye is a similar waste of a HQ slot.
The Troops:
Termagant broods up to 30 now, with a lot more options. Genestealers remain a bit rubbishy, and seem to need synapse (although they do have Ld 10). Warriors have a bigger range of guns (but note there's still nothing in the whole book with skyfire). Overall, nothing to see here. Move on.
Fast Attack:
The Harpy (135 pts) and Crone (155 pts) are what everyone's looking at I suppose. Harpies haven't changed much, except the screech now gives the enemy -5 Init. There is no more giant spore mine bomb. The Crone is basically a flying flamer, with Str 5 Haywire missiles. I think you'll be taking them, because there's really no anti-air option otherwise.
Raveners seem to have lost rending.
Hive Guard cost upped by 5 pts, not many rules changes. They have a Haywire gun they can take now. I am kind of sorry to lose the Ymgarl Genestealers, as I liked the flavour, but gone they are.
The venomthropes are kind of awesome, with their shrouded rule and poisoned 2+ attacks. But will you drop Hive Guard to take them? I dunno...
The Haruspex is built to rip apart infantry mobs, and little else. It has a Str 6 tounge (assault 1), and 3 attacks. Each unsaved wound gives it another attack. And it heals back its bank of 5 wounds for every wound it inflicts, and can also take regen. It's a little bit specialised for my tastes, at 160 pts.
Heavy Support:
Mawlock is the biggest improvement IMHO. Dropped to 140 points, and if it doesn't clear the area the S6 AP2 hit happens AGAIN. It also ignores cover now. Mind you, if it doesn't clear the area on the second try, you get a mishap roll. It also can't burrow on the very first turn like before, and loses the option for Regen.
The Trygon has gone up to 190 points, lost one attack, and...yeah. That's it. Everything else is the same. The Trygon Prime might actually see more use, there being a bigger need for synapse now. But 230pts is kind of extreme just for the synapse, no?
The Exocrine (170 pts) is kind of awesome, with Assault 6, Str 7, AP2 shots. Or it can drop a big blast. Park its butt for a round, and it's +1 BS. The Tyrannofex is dropped to 175 pts....
Well a few things have been fixed about the old Codex. Warriors have flesh hooks as an option, which are assault 'nades. The Lashwhip adds +3 init instead of dropping things' init to 1, which I think is better.
The Carnifex is down to 120 pts, and its Hammer of Wrath does D3 attacks which is nice.
Double ST just gives one more attack. No re-rolls...
Genestealers come with Rending claws, but yu can buy ST for 4 pts per model
Hormagaunts are Fleet, Move Through cover, and have bounding leap (run +3 inches)
Haywire weapons. The flying Crone has Haywire missles, and the Hive Guard can buy a Haywire "shock cannon". Also, the electroshock Thorax swarm is now Haywire.
The Lictor's Pheromone trail says any model can drop within 6 inches of it when deep striking without scattering (again, don't have the old book here to compare, sorry)...
One pair of talons gives you the amazing standard attack as stated on the profile, at AP 6.
Heavy Venom = 36', Str 9 AP 4, Assault 1 Blast
Venom = 36', Str 6 AP 4, Assault 1 Blast
Zoanthropes have Warp Blast psyker power. Takes 2 charges, and is 24' Str 5 AP 3, Assault 1 Blast, OR 18', Str 10, AP 2, Assault 1 Lance...
The Lictor doesn't scatter when deep striking. The flesh hooks have lost rending. Overall it I think. But it IS 50 points!...
Further clarification: The Lictor has rending claws (one set), and one set of ST. It has flesh hooks (assault 2, user Str), stealth and Hit and run, phermone trail, infiltrate, and move through cover. Stats are: WS 6 BS 3 S 6 T 4 W 3 I 6 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 5+...
Deathspitter 18', Str 5, Ap 5, Assault 3
Zoanthropes are a psychic brotherhood (level 2), that always know warp blast. So they generate one more.
Speaking of which I just noticed: The Tervigon is now 195 points, and is mastery level 1. So its psyker powers got nerfed a bit I think.
The new mechanic in the book is that instinctive behaviour is now lurk, feed, and hunt. Basically lurk means camping there, feed is assault, and hunt is shooting. If you fail leadership and they go on instinct, something bad happens on a 1-3 (lurkers fall back, shooters go to ground, feeders attack one another). On a 4-5 its something like can only assault, can only shoot, etc. On a 6 they gain a small bonus (feeders get rage, lurkers get stealth, shooters get preferred enemy.
The Prime still boosts the warriors as always...
The Trygon tunnel is the same as before (mark it, others come out from it, blah blah).
Tyranid melee weapons come as pairs. Each pair is a single melee weapon. A tyranid mist fight with TWO pairs of ANY melee weapon to gain a bonus attack for using two weapons. A Ravener with two pairs of ST gains a bonus attack, or a Stealer with rending claws and a pair of ST does as well.
Crushing claws gives + 1 Str, AP 2, Armourbane, and Unwieldy
Shrikes are still around, with 5+ save...
Some other points (again, sorry this is in bits and pieces, I am sneaking glances):
No Doom of Malantai, No Parasite. No mycetic spore. I do see the Red Terror is back (if he hits 4 times, he swallows a guy).

Warlord Traits:

1 - Nature's Bane - At the beginning of each movement phase, select one jungle within 12' of the warlord. It becomes carnivorous for the game.
2 - Heightened Senses - Warlord and Nids within 12' have Night Vision.
3- Synaptic Linchpin - Warlord has 18' synapse
4 - Mind Eater - 2 VP for independents slain by warlord in a challenge.
5 - Digestive Denial - After deployment, pick one piece of terrain on opponent's side that was NOT paid for. Cover save worsens by one. (4+ becomes 5+, etc.)
6 - Adaptive Biology - Warlord gains FNP (5+) on next movement phase after it suffers a wound. (For rest of game)

Instinctive Behavior

(As before, Fail Ld and be out of synapse for this to happen)
Instinct (Lurk)
1 - 3: Survive. The unit is treated as having failed a morale test and immediately falls back
4 - 5: Seek Cover. In the movement phase the unit is not slowed by difficult terrain, but still must take Dangerous Terrain Tests. In the shooting phase, the unit can run, but can only shoot if it is in a building or area terrain. The unit cannot charge in assault.
6: Stalk. As 4-5, but gains stealth.
Instinct (Hunt)
1 - 3: Burrow and Hide. The unit immediately goes to ground. If there is a fearless model, use results from 4-5 instead.
4- 5: Prowl. In the shooting phase, the unit cannot Run and must shoot at the closest enemy unit within range and line of sight. If there is no viable target, do nothing. Cannot charge in assault.
6: Destroy. As Prowl above. Also gains preferred enemy.
Instinct (Feed)
1-3: Cannibalistic Hunger. Unit suffers hits equal to number of models in the unit. Use majority strength, AP -. Wounds allocated by owning players. Armour saves okay, but no cover saves. Unit can do nothing. If it is a single model, use devour (as if rolled 4 - 5).
4-5: Devour. Cannot shoot or run. In Assault, must charge closest enemy or do nothing.
6: Kill. As above, but gains rage.

Individual Units

Carnifex: 120 pts

WS 3, BS 3, S 9, T 6, W 4, I 2, A 3, Ld 7, Sv 3+

Fearless, Instinct (Feed), Living Battering Ram (D3 Hammer of Wrath hits)

May replace ST with crushing claws (15 pts)

May take any bio-morph, spine banks (5 pts), or Bio Plasma (20 pts). May take Thresher scythe (10 pts) or Bone Mace (15 pts) tail morphs.

Infantry (Character), HQ, 130 points, Mind Eater Warlord Trait (2 vp for killing characters in challenge)
Death Leaper - IC

WS 9, BS 3, S 6, T 4, W 3, I 7, A 4, Ld 10, Sv 5+

Rending claws, ST, flesh hooks

Chameleonic skin, Deep Strike, Fear, Fleet, Hit & Run, Infiltrate, Instinctive Behaviur (Lurk), Move Through Cover, Phermone Trail, Stealth

It's After Me! (Lower a character's Ld by D3)

Where is It (Enemy models can only fire snap shots when targeting Deathleaper)
Raveners: 30 pts

WS 5, BS 3, S 4, T 4, W 3, I 5, A 3, Ld 6, Sv 5+

Deep strike, Instinct (Feed), two pairs of ST. Any Ravener can exchange one pair of ST for Rending claws at 5 points per model.

Can take Spinefists (3 pts), Devourer (5 pts), Deathspitter (10 pts). One Ravener in the *army* may be upgraded to Red Terror for 85 points:

Red Terror

WS 6, BS 3, S 5, T 5, W 3, I 5, A 4, Ld 8, Sv 4+

Two pairs of ST, Prehensile Pincer (see that tail list I posted up there), Deep Strike, Swallow Whole (if it hits with 4 attacks, it auto kills a guy. The guys gets his invuln save and that's it)

Biovore (40 pts)

WS 3, BS 3, S 4, T 4, W 3, I 2, A 2, Ld 6, Sv 4+

Spore Mine Launcher 48', S 4, AP 4, Assault 1, Barrage, Last Blast, Spore Burst

Rules are a bit long winded, but seem about the same.

Pyrovore looks about the same as well. Template weapon, acid maw, explode when you kill them, etc.
Venomthrope 45 points.

WS 3, BS 3, S 4, T 4, W 2, I 3, A 2, Ld 6, Sv 5+.

Lash whips (+3 Init), confers shrouded on self and wihin 6'. Poisoned 2+, Instinct (Feed). Toxic Miasma: Usable once per game, in assault. During init step 1, all enemy units enaged in combat take hits = models in base to base. Hits are Str 3, Ap -. Poisoned and ignores cover.

Nameless, Brainleech Devourer is 18', S6, AP-, Assault 6.

Swarmlord: 285 pts

Ws 9, BS 4, S6, T 6, W 5, I 6, A 4, Ld 10, Sv 3+

MC, Character

Warlord Trait: Synaptic Lynchpin (18' synapse)

Psyker level 3, Shadow in the Warp, Synapse

Alien Cunning: Must add 1 to reserve rolls

Swarm Leader: At beginning of turn, choose either Swarmlord's Unit, r a friendly unit within 18'. Unit gains Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, or Preferred Enemy till end of turn.

Swarmlord generates powers from Pwers of the Hivemind.

TWO pairs of Bone Sabres: Str User, AP2, Blade Parry (4+ invuln against wounds caused by melee weapons), Instant Death
Ripper Swarm: 39 pts
3 bases +13 pts per base
WS 2 BS 2 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 2 A 4 Ld 5 Sv 6+
May take Spinefists, toxin sacs, adrenal glands, and deep strike.
Warriors are 30 points per model (I don't have the old book on me to refer)
Warrior:  30pts
WS 5 BS 3 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 4+
So looks like by tonight everything should be posted somewhere on the Internet. I hope this satisfies you until then!
- See more at:

Tyranids - OMG the sky is falling!

The tyranid codex isn't out yet and rules are already starting to dribble out. Along with that you get people having a cry about the rules.

I've heard rending claws are ap4 or ap5 and I've seen people on Facebook complaining about this. If the claws are ap4 that means eldar, dark eldar, tau, guardsmen, orks and anything else which isn't in a 3+ armour save or better is dead as soon as they get wounded. The claws still have the rending rule. Please tell me how this is a bad thing?

The trygon along with other big beasts got a points decrease and lost an attack. I hear people booing about this, but dual bio close combat weapons give an extra attack. The trygon has two pairs of talons,  in theory that's an extra two attacks, which on the charge will work out an extra attack over previously. I don't know about reroll to hit though.

Raveneors lost move through cover, who cares, they're beasts and get that rule anyway!

Don't get me wrong some things do suck such as nids can't take biomancy anymore, apparently.

My point is let's not cry a river until the rulebook hits and it's 100% clear what the rules are.



Army Lists: Tau "Fivetide" - 2,000 points

If I did Tau, then it would be something like this:

Tau "Fivetide" - 2,000 points


Commander Farsight


Riptide - ion accelerator, talisman of arthas moloch, twin-linked fusion blaster, early warning override and target lock
Riptide - early warning override, twin-linked fusion blaster and velocity tracker
Riptide - earth caste pilot, twin-linked fusion blaster, early warning override and velocity tracker


Kroot Carnivore Squad
Kroot Carnivore Squad - kroot hound
3 x Crisis Suits - 2 x missile pods, 2 x missile pods, 2 x fusion blasters and target lock

Fast Attack

4 x Pathfinders
4 x Pathfinders

Tau Allies


Commander - command and control node, multi spectrum suite, puretide engram neurochip and iridum armour


Riptide - twin-linked fusion blaster,  early warning override and velocity tracker


10 x Kroot Carnivore Squad

Fast Attack

4 x Pathfinders

Total: 1,994

O'Vesa, buff commander and the iontide join to make a shooty deathstar. The unit is rerolling to hit, ignoring cover and will have monster and tank hunter. They can deal with flyers ok thanks to early warning override giving interceptor. The iontide can split fire thanks to target lock.

The rest just shoot things to bits; sniper kroot take wou ds off monstrous creatures, farsight drops in and nukes camping vehicles and hassles camping units. The kroot with the hound can sneaky on an objective or grab linebreaker.

Thoughts from the fish boys?


Hobby: Dark Mechanicus Daemon Prince finished

Finished this bad boy tonight. I might do a little work on the torn robes as it looks a little flat, but I did take the photo under a spot light, so the light could be drowning out the colour?

Oh, this guy has a custom base too. I got the bases from ebay, they're laser cut and a cracking deal. All models in the army will have these type of bases.


Dark Mechanicus Daemon Prince - completed

Finishef this bad boy earlier, well, almost finished;  custom base needs to go on, but that's not hard work.



I Return!

So, I'm back! Sorry to disappoint some of you, howver ;)

I've got my hands ona galaxy tab 3 for Christmas, so I'm now back in the blogging game. I'll be investing in a dedicated keyboard soon.

What have I been doing? Well, I'm hacking through my dark mechanicus project. I have got pics to show you and I've kept pics to show previous progress.

I'm playing a lot of board games lately; zombicide is one which I've been playing a lot. It's an ace co op game, which was a kickstarter by coolminiornot. I recently bought the expansion for it, toxic mall.

Malifaux is on my radar too. I love 40k, but my love is rapidly dropping and I find myself no longer as interested - expect a post soon! Anyway, Malifaux,  I'm looking forward to playing it and hopefully it's something I can get into.

My x-box has been taking a hammering lately too. I think with less interest in 40k I'm getting more use out of my x-box.  Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Origins have been getting a hammering lately.  Good think is with the x-box one out on the streets games for the 360 will become cheaper.

Well, that's enough from me. I'll try and post a few times a week in the New Year.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and happy new year :)


A plee to all - dark eldar venom blades required!

I'm after some dark eldar venom blades, you know those little ones which hang underneath.

Has anyone in the uk got any?



New Tyranid models sighted!

Is it just me or is this thing damn fugly?



Hobby: Flesh Hound conversions

Still working on these. Got to blend the tentacles to the body with more greenstuff tomorrow.



Codex speed release?

Good day to all! Long time no post. As you know no internet connection at home means difficulty posting.  At least from my phone I can do small posts.

Back in 5th us fellow GW passionists would complain about the speed of the codex releases. Some armies such as tau and eldar went all the way through 5th ed without having a new codex and only just got new books almost a year after 6th has come out.

Now the speed of codex releases has gone from one extreme to the other; codices are coming thick and fast and in no particular order. There's also the supplements adding additional rules, which seem to be coming at a random pace.

Personally I think releases are coming too quick. 40k feels like a conveyor belt of releases which are coming thick and fast. It feels if you don't keep up with the latest releases you'll get left behind and won't know the new hotness before the next new shiny comes along.

What are your thoughts on the speed of codex releases?



Eldar war walkers and warp spiders for sale

I've got six war walkers in various stages of paint for sale. Four have scatter lasers two have brightlances. I have spare weapons and also the canopy.

I've also got five warp spiders.

I'm looking to part swap for a wraithknight or cash is fine.

Email if you're interested.



Harlequins 1.0

Hiya Guys! It's been eons since my last post here on ID. Time is very often quite restrictive, and so hobby time is not always found in quantity.

This time around i was thinking i'd show you one of my later creations!

I don't feel like going too much into the depths about the painting, other than the fact that i am quite pleased with how they turned out.

I've ran these guys with Asdrubael Vect a few times, and although they are a bit slow, i think they do well as long as i'm not playing against Tau or being shot by Wave Serpents...

The Troupe Master from the front!

Troupe master from the rear view. I like the "tree" freehand.

Harlequin with Kiss. Checkered patterns everywhere!

Harlequin with Kiss #2

Modified  with some dark eldar punching weapon to represent a kiss.

Again it's modified with some dark eldar things to represent a kiss

Another one with a Kiss Conversion.
I really had a blast painting these guys, but in the end i was rather tired of freehand-painting checkered patterns on arms, legs, torsos and god knows where.

I was going to add the last model which is a shadowseer, but Blogger was being a complete b***h...

Hope you like them!




Hobby: the Dark Mechanicus rise..

Sorry about the lack if updates; hopefully I should be getting a laptop soon. Here's something to keep you going a bit:



Dropzone Games Apocalypse Game Photos

A couple weeks back a local gamer group I'd previously played a tournament with was hosting an Apocalypse battle at my FLGS (well, its barely local to me now at a 1 hour drive away), so I decided to get my scratchbuilt Titan a few coats of paint and headed down with a small Astral Claws contingent.

We'd originally planned to play 4vs3(but equal points), but a player didn't show so an ultramarines player went over to the forces of darkness. The deployment was strange, basically each of us got a bubble of deployment that could go anywhere but a certain distance from our opponets. I think the name was The Crossroads, something like that. There were 4 objectives and the game would wrap around 6, although an exterminatus started at 4:30, and frankly after seeing one it strikes me that only big tanks like the Leman Russ or Land Raider or utterly massive squads (like 50 guardsmen), or a large number of models with a 3++ save are going to surivive that event.

I didn't take a ton of pictures, I was too busy, but here's a taste, roughly 6kvs 6k.






Despite their best efforts, these marines never managed to take down the Titan, it stomped on a few during a tank shock, but they held strong and eventually charged into my back squads, though I believe they were wiped out by a rifleman dread.

One of my Tactical Marines actually managed to kill the Great Unclean One in a somewhat epic shooting phase. That marine is my MVP, but the award is post-humous due to the whole exterminatus thing. The Titan didn't survive to the end, the combined effort of shooting from the big monsters (bloodthirsters, the nid flying gargantuan, the hive tyrant) along with the initial melta volley from the tactical squad in the pod, etc meant an early end for the lumbering beast, though it did make it a long way into the game in terms of getting shit done. I'll definitely be taking it out again in the future.

Overall I liked apocalypse a lot, though it was a logistics nightmare and when something didn't happen right for your plan it was disapointing. I'd really like to try a 10+ player game to get the full effect, it would also likely mean my big guns would have more targets, and my side more scoring.