Army Lists: Khan biker list with Dreadnought buddies


I seem to have some fasincation with bikes lately and things which move fast. So I've written this Kharn list and will be following it up with a Ork bikers list; a sort of Clash of the Bikers lol.

Space Marines "Kharn and Dreadnought buddies" - 2,000 points


Khan - moondraken


Dreadnought w/ drop pod - multi melta

Dreadnought w/ drop pod - multi melta

Dreadnought w/ drop pod - multi melta


5 x Bikes + Attack Bike - meltagun & multi melta - sgt w/ power fist

5 x Bikes + Attack Bike - meltagun & multi melta - sgt w/ power fist

5 x Bikes + Attack Bike - meltagun & multi melta - sgt w/ power fist

5 x Bikes + Attack Bike - meltagun & multi melta - sgt w/ power fist
Fast Attack

Land Speeder - multi melta & heavy flamer

Land Speeder - multi melta & heavy flamer

Land Speeder - multi melta & heavy flamer

Heavy Support

Predator - heavy bolters

Predator - heavy bolters

Total - 2000

Ok so I've got Kharn who gives one unit furious charge and the ENTIRE army the outflank ability. I'd pop Kharn with a biker unit; I might add in a command squad and give them all power weapons, maybe. I did originally put Tigurius in due to his reserve re-roll ability, though he was on foot and I want the entire army to be mobile.

Elites I put in last. I decided on Dreadnoughts as they can alpha strike and even with a Drop Pod they're the cheapest elites going. I've made sure I take odd number really so 2 will come in the first turn then followed by the second one. I could put locator beacon on one of these so the other two fall in where I want them.

Troops is obivously bikes. I was thinking of perhaps dropping a Predator and padding out two of the biker units some more. I've got attack bikes in each one to add multi melta power and a power fist for up close and tank personals. Two units do have plasma guns for those monstrous creatures and tough anti infantry.

Fast attack goes for Land Speeders with multi meltas and heavy flamers. I shouldn't need to explain why I want these ;)

Lastly Predators fill the heavy support. Plan is the bikers outflank and go for weak rear armour or support the Dreadnoughts were needed. The Predators roll up and hopefully draw line of sight to the survivors from a wrecked transport and torrent them with fire to death, bye bye ;)

That's my plan anyway, if I run this list. Let me know what you think - will struggle with hordes that's my only problem, I think.


FlingitNow said...

Locator beacon won't really help as it only works from the turn after the first DP has arrived...

I'd give a 2nd melta to the multimelta bike squads and drop one attack bike and make that squad all plasma (this is where I'd put Khan you want him against Infantry rather than vehicles).

Your only issue will be hrodes but you have the 2 preds and landspeeders for those. But again a Heavy bolter attack bike and 2 flamer squad is probably a good idea.

That would still leave you with 2 tri-melta bike squads and the 2 landspeeders and those fast fist for dealing with armour and mech.

Though you've not got a single thing that can penetrate a BA Landraider...

Chumbalaya said...

Dual melta in every squad is a must.

I don't particularly think the Preds and Dreads fit really. Outflankers have no guarantee of coming in until later, while the Dreads will be there on turn 1. This parcels out your army into manageable chunks.

I'd look into Tacticals/Sternguard in Rhinos/Razors to outflank alongside your bikes. Las/plas Razors can sub for Preds, and Sternguard/flamers can do up infantry nicely. Alternatively, you can deploy normally and have a good fire base.

A biker command squad is pushing it because of the inherent randomness, I like the powerfist spread around instead.

Also, no marks of Khorne? I thought this was a Kharn army :P

Resv said...

I play a very heavy SM bike list and have since 5th edition came out. There are some pearls of wisdom that might help you make this list even better.

1) First and foremost Bike have a TON of potential fire power. I really think you should find the points to make sure that EVERY bike squad has it's maximum allotment of Special Weapons. Two Meltas, two Plasmas and the like. Since you are fielding a more expensive set of troops make sure that they can dish out the pain.

2) 5 man squads are not going to last very long no matter what T5(4) has to say about it. I really suggest that you at least have one maxed out squad. Imperial Guard and Tyrinids are going to be forcing a lot of armor and cover saves. Better to have the extra bodies to take the hit and keep your special weapons and attack bikes rolling.

3) Buildings. Like it our not, all it is going to take for you to never win a C&C, or Objective mission if for your opponent to put their objective on the second or third story of a building. It isn't going to take much to shut down all of your fast movement with a such a simple tactic. Also, your opponent can keep heavy hitting yet fragile units just out of arms reach.

4) Objectives are going to be another issue. A firmly entrenched unit at an objective in cover is going to be HARD for a 6-Man unit of bikes to get out, Plague Marines especially. Once you take that Objective you are going to need to hold it firmly against what ever your opponent can through at you with only a 6 man unit. High S template weapons in this particular case SUCK.

5) As the comment above said, Hordes are gonna be a difficult task for this list since you don't have a lot of templates. I see that you have flamers but with how close you need to get to use them you might be surprised at how quickly the flamer wielding bikes will go away.

All in all your list is pretty strong. However your heavy support is kind of lacking and you have no High Strength Templates. What I would do it re-evaluate your key units. Maybe 2 Dreadnoughts are going to be just as effective? Maybe you don't need 3 Land Speeders? Maybe get two Vindicators with some saved points opposed to 2 Predators? First and foremost I would figure out where in this list you could shoehorn a bog standard Tactical squad that can act as a long range fire base and also consolidate objectives for you. Stick them in a Rhino and leave them to protect or hold what you don't want your bikes to get held up on.

Just my two cents on the situation. I ran something very similar to this list until I watched it get taken apart piece by piece by Orcs and other SM lists. If you make some allowances in your build I think you might end up with a very sucessful list.

Mercer said...

Flingit - The beacon would be used for the third drop pod to come down which would be in turn 2 or after. I think you can use pods with beacons can't you? If not then it's obivously a waste.

Multi meltas do over Land Raiders?

Chumby - Preds and Dreads perhaps not. I wasn't sure what lese to throw in really.

Aye no marks for Khan :P

Resv - I agree on the special weapons.

FlingitNow said...

Yeah pods work with beacons (that's the point of them over teleport homers), it would be just the one pod that would benefit so for me not really worth it.

Multi-melta has maximum 14 pen against a BA landraider. Remember meltas don't get their extra d6 against BA Landraiders... (Because Blood Angels are made of the same cheese as Space Wolves).

Chumbalaya said...

Umm, pretty sure it's just Stormravens that negate the melta bonus. Raiders get penned just fine.

FlingitNow said...

Nah Raiders get it too.

Chumbalaya said...

Wow, schweet

FlingitNow said...

You do have to pay for it though (35 points IIRC) though I don't see why you ever wouldn't...

TMiles001 said...

Oh man, I so thought this was gonna be a Chaos biker list. Oh well - good thing I like regular marines too... :D

Blood Angel Land Raiders have heat resistance? Sweet - guess that helps explain the deep striking... :p

Dreadnoughts can penetrate Landraider in melee. But I wouldn't want to rely on them... :S

I'm with Resv - you need bigger bike squads. You can always break them into combat squads if you want...

The_King_Elessar said...

BA Raiders get the option of Ceramite? Holy shit.

I hope you're joking buddy (Runs off to phone a staffer...)

Mercer said...

Flingit - so the beacon would be a benefit and stop that last pod scattering then ;)

No idea about Blood Angels until the codex comes out. So currently not fussed about that. Though it will still get ap1 I guess?

Where are you getting all this Blood Angel info from?

FlingitNow said...

I've seen the BA Codex from the local stores black box. I'm part of their "Inner Circle" which means I plan and run events but get to see this stuff early, though the BA codex has been out and about in the store for about a week now too.

BA Landraiders can take the Ceramite Armour upgrade (I can't remember the points I think 35 but don't quote me), it stops the +d6 from the Melta, I don't think it effects the AP1 though.

It makes BA Landraiders near immune to the one thing that they fear. I think it makes the LR spam army just horrific for BAs who's got that many S10 wepaons? LCs have less than 5% chance to take one out and now even Melta are worse.

As I said they've made blood Angels from the left over cheese they made the Puppies out of, Which is why the 'Nids didn't get any as they were saving for the BAs...

Mercer said...

Ah your in the inner "cult of geek" then? lol. I've got no local G.W's here as such. All are about 10 mile away, about 4 of them in total.

Usually upgrades like that only stop the 2D6 armour pen, though ap1 gets the +1.

I used to play Blood Angels, I am so tempted....

The_King_Elessar said...

Strange...I've seen my local (Mercer, 10 miles away IS local, lol) GW's copy and I don't remember seeing it...I saw it over a week ago but admittedly didn't check LR options.

Mercer said...

10 mile is local lol but I don't want to drive to the cities just to sneek at look at a codex. I have no other reason for going there. Perhaps I am not as geeky as you lot :P

TMiles001 said...

I love the way they call the heat resistance "Ceramite Armour" when much of the standard Land Raider armour (and power armour too for that matter) supposedly consists of ceramite already...

Still, how much do Blood Angels Land Raiders cost? Seeing as they must be dedicated transports, and can deep strike and all? I cant see people squeezing too many into an army - and if they do, they aren't going to have much else. Sure, they'll be hard to kill, but they won't have the numbers to do much back either...

TMiles001 said...

We'll just have to try and immobilize them to death I guess....

FlingitNow said...

BA LR cost the same as normal ones, they can be taken as Heavy support I'm pretty sure. I'm sure that is where they were listed in the army list. Obvioulsy the cost will go up by the cost of the ceramite upgrade (which lets face it you'd always take if it was available to Vanilla marines). Essentially the DS ability is free (and almost entirely useless as a model that size will nearly always mishap unless it DS's miles away from everything at which point why bother DSing it), but the access to the Ceramite armour (which has been pointed out is what their armour is made of anyway) is erally the killer.

What is annoying is that the last SM codex was supposedly a move away from being the baseline that all other chapters get, yet Blood Angels get everything that SMs get and loads more too... Even Sternguard and Vanguard make it in.

TMiles001 said...

Really - I had read that BA LR could only be taken as dedicated transports. I find it a bit odd that they don't cost any extra - I'm gonna have to see that one to believe it I think...

You'll only mishap if you have heaps of impassable on the board, or are trying to land real close to units. If you have a locator beacon nearby, those mishaps shouldn't be to hard to avoid...

I'd say Blood Angels get all the vanilla stuff because they suppossedly ARE a (pseudo)vanilla chapter. They do recognise and adhere to the tenets of the Codex Astartes. They just get all the extra stuff because of The Flaw, and because they are nuts. Oh, and they have loads of artificers sitting around making everything nice and pretty. Seriously - who wants to kill things when they aren't looking their very best?

Still, I agree with you - personally I think they have given Blood Angels a little too MUCH extra, and maybe a little too much flexibility. Sure give them all the vanilla stuff - but make it cost more or be harder to take or something... I think this, and I'm a Blood Angels player to the core...

Chumbalaya said...

Assault Squads can buy Land Raiders as a dedicated transport, and any dedicated ride they buy in exchange for jump packs gets a 35 pt discount.

Free super armor >:D

The_King_Elessar said...

I disagree with Chumby, for once.

I actually read it differently. I'll explain more in a post the day of release. :)

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