Wanted: New blog authors!

Well it appears that the other two authors of the blog have disappeared in the warp! lol. So I'm after some new blood. If you're interested in being a author on here just post a comment below or drop me a e-mail. You will need to sign up and have a google profile and then I can give you author permissions ;) The blog is about 40k, you can discuss other games if you wish, but 40k is the main thing. Anything about 40k can be discussed this includes; tactics, painting, army lists, battle reports, modelling etc etc. Everything 40k is what's required here. Only other requirements is that you post at least once a week, 2-3 times would be better though. And as long as it's mostly about 40k you have a free rein to post what you like :D Looking forward to getting some new people on board! Thanks!


FoxPhoenix135 said...

I suppose I could do a guest post once a week, if you wanted... I'm kinda ADHD though so I can't guarantee that it will always be 40k specific but I assure you I can keep it within the 40k fanverse (I bounce between 40k, BFG, and 40k RPGs like Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy by FFG).

I heard you got banned from dakka, BTW, which I think is totally BS. I rarely frequent it anymore unless it's to find inspiration in the P&M section. Kinda sad since they have been my main forum since I started 40k, but now that the frequent users are different Dakka has changed for the worse I'm afraid.

If you are interested, you can email me at cannedflame2005@yahoo.com and we'll work out a day for me to post on. Feel free to give me posting assignments if you think of any.

Mercer said...

Fox Phoenix you have e-mail!

Still plenty places for more! :D

Cliff said...

You where banned from Dakka, how come ?
You helped me so much there when i need help with my IG :)

Cliff said...

Ops... i say the post about the banning.
sorry for this one :)

Mercer said...

Cliff, I made a comment at someone lol. I should be back on as the ban ended yesterday :)

The Exodite said...

I'd love to write for you, :). Drop me an email at stevenasarch@gmail.com

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