Battle Report: Necrons vs Imperial Guard - 2,000 points

Got a game in last night with Paul. He won the tournament I went to back in November and also he gave me my only loss in the tournament. He is using the more or less same I.G list (extra 250 points as tournie was 1,750) so I know it's going to be a tough list. Never played against mech Guard with my 'Crons, it will be interesting.

I am trying gauss blasters on my Immortals tonight. The tesla never does a fat lot and I think the gauss blasters will help with that little bit more of anti tank. I will see how they go before I chop tesla off my already painted models.

Necrons - 2,000 points


Overlord w/ Catacomb Command Barge - warscythe, mindshackle scarabs & sempiternal weave
Royal Court - 3 x Crypteks w/ - harbinger of destruction & solar pulse


Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker


8 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
8 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
8 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
5 x Necron Immortals

Fast Attack

5 x Canoptek Wraiths - 3 x whip coils & particle caster
8 x Canoptek Scarabs

Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
2 x Canoptek Spyders - fabricator claw array

Imperial Guard - 2,000 points
Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 4 x plasma guns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 3 x plasma guns & meltagun - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - autocannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans - 3 x flamers & demolition charge
Fast Attack
Hellhound - heavy flamer
Heavy Support
Manticore Missile Launcher
Manticore Missile Launcher
Hydra Flak Tank
Pre-game Analysis
I think this game is going to be a toughie, always is with mech Guard. It's the mass of armour along with mass special weapons and other guns which do the damage. Though, if I can get into the side armour, then my lances can hopefully crack some tanks open. Gauss will be handy for stopping tanks from shooting, this will affect the squad inside and no Guard player wants their troops out in the open. To be honest four damage results I would be happy with; shaken, stunned, wrecked and explodes - explodes been the best one as Guardsmen do not like getting tank shrapnel in their face.
The main things which worry me is the Manticores and melta units. If I can take those out then I'm not too worried about the rest, though there's a lot of melta!
Game: Annihilation + Pitched Battle
I won the roll off and decided to go first. I switched table sides with Paul as the side he was on had less terrain for my vehicles to get immobilised in. This would give him a little more cover in certain areas, but a lot more terrain to move through on the right flank at least.
I place my Ghost Arks length ways at the front to form the 'iron wall' and then everything else goes behind - simple!
Paul deploys and forms a castle in the top left of the board, Manticores in the corner on top of a hill. Vendettas deploy more over to the right flank, the flamer Veterans are inside one jet.

* Tactical Notes

Ok, Paul has deployed in the area with less terrain to block him, though a decent size of broken wall will give some tanks cover, though it will also force him to split his force movement wise if he decides to come out. I am also curious why his Vendettas have been deployed far from the bulk of the army, I wonder if he will scout them?

Targets are the Vendettas, if I can shoot them with lances and cause some damage I'll be happy. Some gauss to Chimeras will be handy too. I doubt I'll get to the Manticores until next turn.

Turn 1

Paul scout moves his Vendettas straight towards me before we start and stops 12" away. He then attempts to seize the initiative and fails.

My first turn, Paul has made things easy for me to now get those Vendettas. I spawn two Scarabs and take a wound on a Spyder, Wriaths and Scarabs them move up to assault the Vendetta or the unit inside. Half the army remains static while two Ghost Arks and a Stalker move to the Vendetta on the right flank while the Command Barge moves flat out across to the left flank and takes cover behind a building.

Shooting; Triarch Stalker on the right blasts the Vendetta and it explodes. Triarch Stalker on the left blasts the other Vendetta and shears a weapon off, gauss flayers do better and wreck thanks to the skimmer going flat out. Annihilation Barges open up on the flamer Veterans, they fail morale and fall back 8".

Paul's first turn - I declare I am using solar pulse. Everything remains in position.

Shooting; Manticore gets three shots and drops the payload on the Scarabs and kills the entire lot, the other Manticore fires at the Triarch Stalker on the left flank and scatters off the board thanks to night fighting. Hydras, autocannon and lascannons from Veterans fire at a single Ghost Ark and either fail to spot it or do nothing. The full plasma CCS blasts into the Wraiths, they fail two armour saves.

Kill points - Necrons: 2 Imperial Guard: 1

* Tactical Notes

Not a bad first turn, could have been better, as like a noob I forgot to fire all three lances! Fuck! I guess could have been worse. Both Vendettas are down and the flamer unit probably is more than likely dead next turn as the Wraiths will get them. I am a bit gutted my entire Scarab swarm just got blown to bits, they would have been every nice attacking that line of armour.

Next turn I will send the Overlord forward and sweep something, unfortunately cannot get the Manticores as they are probably a little bit out of reach. All units will move up and fire on the two closest Chimeras while the Wraiths attack the flamer Veterans.

Turn 2

Overlord moves flat out over the CCS plas-melta Chimera and sweeps it, scores crew shaken. Everything else moves forward.

Shooting; Triarch Stalker on the left goes to blast a Chimera though it's just out of range. Instead gauss flayers from a Ghost Ark and Annihilation Barge blast it and just score crew stunned, twice. Lances fire into the side armour of the plasma CCS unit and it's wrecked, squad pass pinning test.

In assault the Wraiths charge and maul the flamer unit and wipe them out.

I.G second turn; only movement is from the CCS now on foot, they move slightly closer to the Wriaths in order to dispense with plasma death.

Shooting; CCS fire plasma guns and Hydras empty into the Wraiths, only two left and one of those is on one wound. Autocannons and lascannons blast a Ghost Ark and just bounce off it, Manticore gets better luck and makes it go boom - squad passes pinning test and also a Spyder takes a wound as the blast hit it as well. Other Manticore fires at another Ghost Ark with a single shot and rolls snake eyes to pen.

Kill points - Necrons: 4 Imperial Guard: 2

* Tactical Notes

Not a too bad turn. I've lost a Ghost Ark, which is annoying, though those Warriors will hold position and just long range gauss something with lance support. I have started to move away from Paul's kill points, I just hope I can keep that lead.

Next turn the Wraiths will charge the CCS, I'll maybe put some gauss shots into them first. The Overlord (who Paul didn't shoot at for some reason) will sweep another tank, bail out and assault probably the Hydras. Remaining guns will fire at the Chimeras in attempt to blow them up or stop them from shooting at least.

Turn 3

Immortals come on from reserve and run and hide in a ruin on the left away from all the action.

I move one Ghost Ark up and land on the Vendetta wreck and immobilise my Ark, nice..remaining units move up. Overlord sweeps a plas-melta CCS Chimera and wrecks it, the Overlord then bails out ready to assault the Hydras.

Triarch Stalker on the left fires at a Chimera and wrecks it. Gauss and lance from the Warriors on foot blast the previously stunned Chimera and this time shake it. Lances blast out into the side armour of the Chimera on the hill by the Manticores and score stunned.

In assault the Overlord charges the Hydras and wrecks both of them. Wraiths charge the CCS and beat them in combat, CCS falls back off the board.

Guard's turn and it doesn't look like there's a huge amount to move! Only thing which moves is the shaken Chimera, it moves 6" and the squad bails out ready to blast the Wraiths to pieces and the Hellhound.

Shooting; CCS issues FRFSRF to the melta unit which just got out the tank, though they fail the order. The CCS then blast the Overlord who goes down like a sack of potatoes. Guardsmen blast the Wriaths, though the Wraiths live on. Hellhound burns the exposed Warriors while the Manticores open fire on the Annihilation Barges, one Manticore shot catches the remaining Warriors and the entire squad is wiped out after the two surviving Warriors fail cover saves. Both Annihilation Barges are also totalled and also a Triarch Stalker after one shot scatters onto the Stalker. Remaining meltas fire at the Command Barge and it explodes, shrapnel kills a few Guardsmen. I roll for ever living on the Overlord and I roll a 6+, he gets back up with a angry look on his metal face!

Kill points - Necrons: 8 Imperial Guard: 7

* Tactical Notes
I am still keeping that lead on Paul thuogh he is hot on my heels. We have both this turn reaped a heavy toll on each other. I've lost two Annihilation Barges, which were nice for tank surpression and also a Warrior squad - if they survived I would have used the Ghost Ark in range to regen the unit. Things for Paul are not looking that good either. He is fast running out of tanks and now my Overlord is back up something else of his is probably going to go down.
Paul has moved the shaken Chimera too close to my Canoptek Spyders. I will move them through terrain to multi assault the tank and also the squad which just bailed out along with some Wraith support. I will use the Overlord to assault a unit of Veterans, as lets face it, he's dead next turn, unless he gets back up again. The last Triarch Stalker will blast the Hellhound with gauss support if needed, lances will fire at the Manticores if they can.
Turn 4
Wraiths move to assault the exposed Veterans who just got out their tank while the Spyders move through terrain to support. Last Triarch Stalker moves to deal with the Hellhound as the mobile Ghost Ark moves through terrain and lands on the wreck of a Annihilation Barge. Overlord moves to assault a unit of Veterans.
Shooting; Triarch Stalker blasts the Hellhound and scores weapon destroyed and shaken. Gauss from the mobile Ghost Ark blasts the last Chimera on the front and stuns it while the immobile attempts to blast the side armour of the same target, it hits though the Chimera gets cover save and passes. Eldritch lances blast out at the Manticores though none of them do anything.
In assault the Canoptek Wraiths charge the Veterans as the Canoptek Spyders multi charge the Chimera and Veterans. The Chimera explodes and plenty of Veterans die along with a single Wraith, the Veterans hold fast. Overlord charges the Veterans and mindshackle scarabs affect a Guardsmen, though he doesn't wound his own unit, the Overlord kills two Guardsmen and takes pass two armour saves, the Veterans fail morale and fall back, though cannot fall back because come too close to my Overlord and are destroyed.  
Guard's fourth turn; the Hellhound moves over 12" to escape the Triarch Stalker, though I don't think it's going to be enough. That's about it.
Shooting; the CCS issues fire on my target and they blast the Overlord, he goes down and fails to get back up. Manticores blast down again, one fires at the last Triarch Stalker and is misses with its single shot and I cannot remember what the other one fired at.
In assault the Wraiths die though the Spyders wipe out the Veterans.
Kill points - Necrons: 11 Imperial Guard: 8

* Tactical Notes
Last turn it was getting close, though I've managed to pull ahead thanks to a little bit of close combat. The Spyders have taken out a Vet unit and so has the Overlord, only two Veteran units remain now along with the CCS. I expect the Spyders will die next turn as they are on borrowed time.
Next turn I will get the Spyders to assault the Chimera in front of them as it hasn't moved. The Triarch Stalker will blast the Hellhound while gauss and lances blast the remaining armoured units.
Turn 5
Canoptek Spyders move up to assault the Chimera in front of them while the Ghost Ark moves through terrain without any problems and the Stalker moves to make sure it's in melta range on the Hellhound.
Shooting; Triarch Stalker makes the Hellhound go boom. Lances fire at the Chimera and Manticores, no damage to Manticores and the Chimera is stunned again. Gauss flayers from the Ghost Ark rapid fire though it does nothing.
In assault the Spyders charge and wreck the Chimera - squad passes pinning test.
Guard's turn; no movement.
Shooting; CCS issues bring it down to itself and passes and issues the same order to the Veterans who just got busted out their tank, though the order fails. Veterans do rubbish at shooting, doesn't help that the meltaguns roll snake eyes. CCS blast the Spyders, though half the unit is covered and one Spyder loses a wound.
Kill points - Necrons: 13 Imperial Guard: 8

* Tactical Notes

I can confidently say I've got this game in the bag now, even if it doesn't end next turn. The Spyders will multi assault the CCS and the Chimera which hasn't moved while the Ghost Ark will move up and the Ark and Warriors will rapid fire the Veterans to death. Remaining lances and Triarch Stalker will fire at the Manticore and Chimera. I can see a few easy kill points on the board, providing my dice rolls go right.

Turn 6

Game continues.

Spyders move to multi assault the last Chimera and the CCS while the Ghost Ark moves through terrain into rapid fire range. The Triarch Stalker moves to get a side armour shot on the closest Manticore to it.

Shooting; Triarch Stalker blasts the Manticore, it gets cover and passes. Two lances blast the Manticores also though do nothing. Gauss flayers from the Warriors and Ghost Ark atomise the Veterans.

In assault; Canoptek Spyders assault the Chimera and CCS, CCS is killed and the Chimera goes boom - squad takes damage though passes morale and pinning.

Guard's turn, Manticores move a bit to heavy bolter the Spyders, that's it.

Shooting; the remaining Veteran unit and both Manticores fire at the Spyders and only kill a single Spyder.

We call it a day now as the club is closing up.

Kill points - Necrons: 16 Imperial Guard: 8


That was quite a interesting game. I've always been wondering in the back of my head how a game with mech Guard would go and now I know. The Manticores were pretty evil in this game, like I thought they would be. The gibbed my Scarabs and took out a Ghost Ark, Triarch Stalker and two Annihilation Barges, they did well. I think generally the game went well for me.

Gauss is very cool against vehicles as it can surpress them. I think I will switch to gauss blasters on the Immortals even though they didn't fire a single shot. The rest of the list I am happy with.

Mistake wise I forgot to fire three lances the first turn, total noob! May have done further damage, but who knows.

I think in this game Paul could have played differently and needed to adapt his tactics to fight Necrons. He scouted the Vendettas towards me, which is a bad idea, these gave me three easy kill points. He then castled up which mean his meltas didn't get into range, they only fired at my vehicles once and that's because I put them in range. Heavy weapons and meltas do not go together, you need to keep moving with melta which means that the heavy weapon will never fire, or stay static like Paul did and the Chimeras are easy to hit in assault and the meltas never get into range.

I think Paul would do a lot better ditching the heavy weapons and getting a Chimera for that flamer unit. Other than those things I think he played well and got his target priority spot on, he took out the Scarabs first turn and kept trying to blow holes in the Wraiths and taking out my anti tank in form of Annihilation Barge and Triarch Stalker.  I guess in the end the gauss got close and stopped him from shooting altogether.