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My Army Lists

Here's my army lists, past and present and some notes to go along with them. It's mostly to show you guys that I do (sort of know) what I am talking about. If you like any of the lists then feel free to rip them off and make changes as needed, just be kind and say it's either my list or you've based it off my list ;)

Orks "Kan Wall" - 2,000 points

Orks were my fourth army in 40k. I got into them when the current codex was released start of 2008. I wanted a barbarian style army, some just loonies who attack anyone including themselves - Orks fitted the bill.

The Orks have changed over the years from a typical 4th ed style list with a few Trukks to a full Battlewagon Rush and now a Kan Wall. For Kan Wall I wanted a true horde army, Tyranids wasn't up to scratch and Tervigon spam lists were boring and meh. The Kan Wall I haven't played that much to be honest (despite buying all new Killa Kanz and more Boyz), I've found with the list that huge amounts of infantry can be time consuming to move and the movement phase can be problems as on terrain heavy boards units bottle neck or just slow down altogether - there was one game when my Boyz didn't reach assault until turn 5 thanks to bad terrain rolls!

Tyranids "Hive Fleet Kraken" - 2,000 points

Tyranids I got with the Battle for Macragge set. I was never a fan of Tyranids to be honest. I did try to build some lists out of them, though ultimately I sold them for another Marine army (that itself was a bad mistake). I then started playing someone who had Nidzilla, I really liked the concept of the list and something I considering doing. I held on for a bit as the current Tyranid codex was out soon.

I got the new codex and some gribblies and my list stayed majority the same, only changed Trygons to Carnifexes and that was it.

Unfortunately Tyranids are not a competitive army and rank pretty low in 5th ed heavy mech environment. In time I got fed up of them and sold them.

This army I no longer play.

Blood Angels "Wing Striker" - 2,000 points

Blood Angels were my second army and first Marine army. When I got the Macragge set, my missus hijacked it and started painting some Marines red. As she had painted quite a few of red I decided to find a red chapter, low behold I found Blood Angels.

I started using them with the White Dwarf Blood Angels codex, though swapped to the Space Marine codex and the Blood Angels changed to Ultramarines. Imperial Fists come in between and then the Blood Angels returned about 8 months after the current codex came out. I just had a brain wave that Blood Angels was a better codex and I should return to the first chapter I played with.

I've been playing with this exact list for over a year. It's extremely well balanced as has a lot of shooting (also low AP!) and is good in combat. The infantry and vehicles are survivable thanks to Librarians and Sanguinary Priests. I would say that my Blood Angels is probably the best list I've ever written and maybe the strongest army I own. #

Imperial Guard "Steel Lions" - 2,000 points

Ah, the Imperial Guard. I started these guys back in 2009 when the current codex came out. I was looking to start a new army and my last purchases were when the new Space Marine codex came out, which was September 2008. Guard had just been released when I decided I wanted to do a trational style army, er army. I managed to get a very large bulk of my Imperial Guard army and Eldar army from Ebay for £260.00, both were 2k armies - a bargain!

Chaos Space Marines "Iron Warriors" - 2,000 points

CSM was my third army. I had small forces of Necrons and Space Marines for a few months now and I longed for something different, something bad and evil. The CSM codex was due to be released within a month when I decided I wanted a new army. I read W.D and CSM seemed interesting, plus they was the evil I was looking for. Nothing more bad ass than the good guys gone bad.

It all started with the Black Legion, simple army to paint, undercoat black and add gold and silver. Though black looked a little flat. I looked into the other Chaos legions and Iron Warriors seemed cool. These guys are the ultimate bad asses, no chaos worship or daemons shenanigans. Just pure nastyness. At the same time I decided to go Iron Warriors the range of washes came out, badab black and devlan mud on boltgun metal looks pure awesome.

In the end the CSM couldn't compete with all these new funky armies and I started using them less and less compared to newer armies i.e Imperial Guard and Blood Angels. They became a victim of Ebay. I still love CSM and I'll return when they get a new codex.

This army I no longer play.

Eldar "The Lost" - 2,000 points

Eldar I did at the same time as Imperial Guard, I got them at a bargain price :). It all started on a slow boring day at work, I downloaded the Eldar codex for a read. Up until this point I've never been interested in any form of Eldar. In fact I'd say I hate them with a passion. The fluff really got me roped in and I soon found myself wanting to do a Eldar army. Anyway, I took the plunge and got some great buys on Ebay.

My love affair with Eldar wasn't meant to last. I played them for a year, they was a cool force, though I wasn't that much interested in them. They ended up on Ebay a month before CSM.

This army I no longer play.

Dark Eldar "Kabal of a Thousand Cuts" - 2,000 points

Dark Eldar was the only new army I started in 2011. I did purchase other 40k stuff, though that was finishing armies off i.e Kan Wall. The idea of Dark Eldar came along when I had painted everything 40k related and those nights were getting boring. I wanted to start something new, something totally different to what I have done before. Now keeping in mind I have a dislike for Eldar, especially Dark Eldar, though the lurer of the new D.E codex got me. I had a read of the D.E codex, everything seemed really week, though very very shooty - I like shooty!

I proxied the entire D.E army to get me started and whether it was lucky dice rolls or not I managed to table a Eldar player. I got a couple more games in and decided D.E was the way forward.

Dark Eldar are perhaps my favourite army to play with, I really enjoy the mass of shooting they can knock out. I did take them to a recent tournament and came third with them, a I.G player won and another D.E player came second.

Blood Angels "Red Fleas" - 2,000 points

When I defected back to Blood Angels I wanted to do a pure jumper list. At the time I played a fella called Kris, he played Blood Angels too. I had written him a jumper Angels list, and while it was practically the same list I would use too, I didn't want to have the same army as someone else who I play - so came the Razorbacks.

I no longer play or see Kris anymore and I had tried a foot list in the form of Kan Wall. I thought I would give the jumper list a try and it worked with impressive results. It worked so much that the fella I played it against (Poddy) christened it 'Red Fleas' as the Blood Angels are like tiny red fleas coming at your from across the board! lol.

I've gone off the Orks now. Too many models to keep moving and they don't move quick enough due to various reasons. The Blood Angels can move quickly and are very survivable as well. They are also a refreshing army to play with and against, so I've been told on the latter ;).