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Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Dark Angels - 1,500 points

Went to Powerfist Gaming last night, a trio of new guys were coming and each had different armies so will be interesting to see who I play. Will be even more interesting as these guys attend Throne of Skulls, so no doubt will be using tough lists. I took my Razor-Angels as this army can deal with everything. In the end I played against James, he is running Dark Angels Deathwing.

Blood Angels "Wing Striker" - 1,500 points


Librarian - shield of sanguinus & unleash rage


2 x Sanguinary Priests


5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun
5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun
5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x flamer - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun
5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x meltagun - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun
5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x meltagun - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun
5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - 1 x meltagun - Razorback w/ lascannon & twin-linked plasmagun

Heavy Support


Dark Angels - 1,500 points
Librarian - terminator armour
Company Command Squad - terminator armour, company standard, 2 x lightning claws & 2 x thunder hammers and storm shields
5 x Terminators - 2 x lightning claws, 3 x thunder hammers & storm shields & cyclone missile launcher
5 x Terminators - 2 x lightning claws, 3 x thunder hammers & storm shields & cyclone missile launcher
5 x Terminators - 2 x lightning claws, 3 x thunder hammers & storm shields & cyclone missile launcher
5 x Terminators - 2 x lightning claws, 3 x thunder hammers & storm shields & cyclone missile launcher
Pre-game Analysis
Ok, Deathwing. Not played against Deathwing before, lots of Terminators, so it's a good job I have lots of low AP weaponry. I am expecting James to deep strike his army, so I am hoping for some bad scatter rolls for him and also I'll have take advantage of this situation and move my Razorbacks up so the plasma guns can rapid fire. The units with the cyclones will be shot first, these threaten my tanks at range. I can avoid the Command Squad as they are only close combat.
Game: Capture & Control + Spearhead
I win the roll off and decide to go first, it appears from where James' has put his units I think he intends to walk them across the board as they are all organised into units and placed ready, I hope my gamble works as deep striking armies I should really let them go first. I deploy my tanks 12" from the centre and place the Vindicators at the front and Razorbacks carrying the melta units, if the Terminators are walking the meltas should get into range quickly.
I've placed my objective in a ruin bottom left corner.
James deploys and puts his units on foot, my gamble paid off! He keeps two units near the shrine ruin in the top right corner (where his objective is) and has the others about 12" from the centre.

* Tactical Notes
Ok, I've got two options. Move my units around along my board side and use the centre tower ruin to block LOS from two cyclones and I'll only have to deal with one. The downside to this plan is Belial and the C.S will be able to assault me pretty sharpish. I could head towards James' table edge and face the threat of two cyclones head on, I will be able to avoid Belial for longer too. As I like to get things done and out the way I'll play offensive and move up towards James' table edge.
My plan is to move all units up 12" spreading a gap between Belial and the C.S so they will take longer to get into assault. I'll drop Vindicator templates on the Terminator unit with the Librarian. Not only will this take out a cyclone but that Librarian can tackle my psychic powers. I'll torrent the unit with plasma guns and lascannons too, with any luck I should cause some significant damage.
Turn 1
James attempts to seize the initiative and fails.
My first turn, I move all units 12" towards James' table edge, I make sure I keep all tanks in shield and fnp range.
Shooting; I drop both Vindicator shells (both land on target), plasma guns and lascannons from the Razorbacks at the Libby's unit, storm shields do well, though only the cyclone and Librarian remain.
James' first turn; Terminator units move up with Belial and his crew running forward.
Shooting; I cast shield, though James manages to block it with his psychic hood. Cyclones fire and score immobilised on one Razorback and score immobilised and shaken on another. I can live with all that.

* Tactical Notes

Ok, not a too bad start. I've managed to deplete a unit and that unit should be easy to polish off next turn. Belial and his cronies have had to flank around the shrine ruin and at least won't be in combat until turn 3.

Next turn I'll move my tanks back about 6" so Belial will definitely not be in assault next turn. I'll torrent the weakened unit and then start blasting the other cyclone unit.

Turn 2

I move my tanks back about 4" to ensure Belial and his buddies 100% won't be assaulting.

Shooting; I blast the Librarian and his buddy, Librarian does his funky force field save and saves one shot, though ultimately a lascannon blows him to chunks, good bye Librarian ;) . The cyclone however is proving unstoppable, so I drop demolisher shells onto the cyclone unit behind seems the blasts can hit more, some Terminators get blown up and the remaining ones get taken down with lascannons and the entire unit is wiped out.

James turn; Belial and his buddies move and run foward, will be in assault range as one tank is immobilised. Single cyclone Terminator moves a bit closer while one of the cyclone units near the shrine moves out to get LOS on a Razorback.

Shooting; I cast shield without any problems. Cyclones fire and one Razorback carrying a flamer unit is wrecked - squad passes pinning test and another Razorback, this one carrying a melta unit, is wrecked after I fail cover saves from the Vindicator in front - squad passes pinning test.

* Tactical Notes

At first glance it could have been a better turn, that single cyclone Terminator remains to be stubborn and refuses to die, curse his litlte plastic self. On the other hand, I have wiped out a entire unit so that's a cyclone down. Btw, cyclones are starting to get on my nerves, I've lost two Razorbacks thanks to them. Krak missiles are very good at Rhino armoured vehicles.

Next turn I'll move my tanks just a bit so if Belial and his buddies multi assault then at least they won't auto hit, the only tank which will be auto hit is the immobilised one. I'll torrent Belial and co with as much fire power as I can to deplete their numbers, they'll get close to assault and then I can finish them off next turn. I'll throw some shots into that single cyclone while I am on the job.

Turn 3

I move my tanks just a bit as I want to keep them in rapid fire range, but at least Belial and his mates will need 4+ to hit. I move the exposed melta unit round the wreck of their tank to slag some Terminators. The flamer unit I move and run behind the tank line towards my objective.

Shooting; I fire a few shots into the single cyclone Terminator and the little fella proves unstoppable and passes all invulnerable saves. I drop Vindicator shells, rapid fire plasma, lascannons, meltagun and bolt pistols into Belial's unit and three are dead - both lighting claw dudes and the Apothecary.

Dark Angels third turn; Belial and the remaining Company Command Squad move up to assault the immobilised Razorback. I think that's about it.

Shooting; I cast shield. Cyclone missile launcher fires from the single Terminator and wrecks my Librarian's ride - squad passes pinning. Other cyclone fires at another Razorback and it is stunned and the lascannon is ripped off.

Assault; Belial and his thunder hammer buddies charge and smash my Razorback, it's wrecked - squad passes pinning test.

* Tactical Notes

Ok, James is playing smartly and knocking out my Razorbacks taking out three shots from those tanks at a time. I am rapidly dropping Razorbacks and now I've got Belial in my face. I cannot say it's going bad for me neither, I am certain Belial and his mates will be on borrowed time and that single cyclone just has to die!

So far I've been playing a defensive game by keeping my distance with my Razorbacks. My Razorback numbers and running low and it's turn 4 next turn so time to start going on the offensive and using my speed to move to James' objective. I will bail out two melta units from their tanks so they can fire meltaguns into Belial, Librarian's unit I'll move through terrain and assault. Add in some las/plas fire and the Terminators should have dropped a few numbers.

Turn 4

Blood Angels turn; I move and run the flamer unit which got blown out of their tank earlier and they claim and hold my objective. Two melta units bail out their tanks ready to support the existing unit on foot, they surround Belial. Remaining moving Razorback moves up closer to Belial to make sure all my Assault Marines are in furious charge range. The two Vindicators break formation, one moves the full 18" the other moves just over 12" so it's not too close to the Terminator unit closest to my table edge.

Shooting; both Vindicators pop smoke, everything else fires into the Terminators, which I manage to kill one.

Assault; all melta units move up into assault with Belial and the last Terminator while the Librarian's unit move through terrain and reaches combat, though the Librarian doesn't make it into base to base so cannot attack. The Terminator goes down and Belial takes two wounds, Belial strikes back and kills three Assault Marines from the Librarian's unit - combat is a draw.

D.A turn; Terminators closest towards my table edge slowly move back towards the shrine ruin, that's it.

Shooting; the single unstoppable Terminator fires krak missiles into the side armour of a Vindicator, smoke saves both. Cyclone missiles from the unit closest to my board edge fires at the Vindicator and I save the only damage, which is a glance.

Assault; Librarian casts unleash rage and Belial is deader than a dead thing. All units consolidate towards the single cyclone Terminator, he's going down next turn, mark my words!

* Tactical Notes

It's going well for me now. I've got my objective secure and there's no Dark Angels about which can threaten that. Belial and his mates are dead so no combat threats left either, well not as such.

Next turn I'll move a single Vindicator up and contest the Dark Angel objective. I'll hold one back for a just in case, don't want them both attacked by thunder hammers, plus the other one can blast some Terminators to pieces.

Turn 5

The Vindicator by the single cyclone Terminator moves 18" and smashes through the shrine ruin and now contests the Dark Angel objective. All Assault Marines move up to blast the cyclone Terminator. Remaining armour holds back.

Shooting; Vindicator which can shoot blasts the Terminators closest to my table edge, I don't think I actually kill any. Meltaguns and bolt pistols blast the cyclone Terminator, in the end las/plas blows holes in the annoying little shit, lol. That's it for me!

Both Terminators move to get by their objective. Both units blast the Vindicator with krak missiles but do nothing. In assault only a single hammer hits and then rolls a 1 to armour penetrate, looks like my Vindicator lives to see another day.

* Tactical Notes

Yay! Finally that annoying single Terminator is dead. The bugger took loads of fire power, though in the end I got the job done. Game wise, I've got my objective wrapped up and I just need to keep my Vindicator alive on James'.

If there's a next turn I'll be very sneaky and move my Vindicator around in a massive circle and put it back where it almost started, this way the Terminators will need 6+ to hit again. I'll also move the other Vindicator up and contest the objective just in case. Also, as a backup if there's a turn 7, I'll speed up the moving Razorback 18" so it can hopefully contest if there's a next turn.

Turn 6

Game continues.

Vindicator on the objective moves away towards James' table 6", then moves 6" towards my left table edge, then moves 6" back into terrain again - it does take two terrain tests and passes them both. I move the other Vindicator 18" and that also contests the objective while the last Razorback moves up 18" too.

Shooting - I have none!

James' turn then. He moves his Terminators to blast the side armour of the Vindicator which did the moving around in a circle trick and the cyclones blow it up. The other Vindicator cannot be shot at as the ruin blocks LOS.

Turn 7

Game continues!

I roll the last Vindicator 6" through terrain so it's sitting right by the objective while the last Razorback moves up and is 2.5" away from the objective, so that claims. No shooting for me, I totally forget about the remaining Vindicator and get carried away.

James moves both his units to shoot and blast the Vindicator, luckily it blocks access to the Raozback behind. Krak missiles fire and don't do nothing, though hammers smash it up.

Game ends and Blood Angels win holding their objective and contesting the Dark Angels'.


That was a pretty cool game and was getting intense at the end, was wondering if I would hold the objective though sheer weight of armour and numbers made sure I got the win. I must admit that I was expecting a easier game, though those Terminators majority had storm shields and they was a real pain in the arse to take down. I can see against a army which hasn't got a loads of low AP guns like mine or loads of shooting would have a problem.

Mistake wise, I forgot to fire a Razorback once and also the Vindicator, on my last turn. I also slightly 'cheated' a bit as when my Librarian's unit moved through the wreck of my Razorback they should have taken dangerous terrain tests and I didn't, sorry James!

James played well, though I was quite surprised when he didn't deep strike and I think this would have been better for him. He could have easily took out some tanks first turn in the rear armour as there was plenty of room behind me for him to deep strike. If he did this, then it would have put a lot of pressure on me as there would have been quite a few Terminators very close by. Be interesting for a rematch and to see if he does actually do that.