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Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Eldar - 2,000 points

So, my first 'live' game with Grey Knights, should be interesting. Playing against John tonight and his Eldar, to be honest I am pretty worried. He has runes which can shut down my vehicles, plenty of S6 which can maul infantry, meltas for slagging vehicles and missiles to do over Rhinos. I think it will be a very interesting game, though if he does win, I can claim a morale victory as my list is 25 points under the 2k mark :P

Grey Knights 'Purifier Order' - 2,000 points


Castellan Crowe


Venerable Dreadnought - 2 x twin-linked autocannons & psybolt ammo
Venerable Dreadnought - 2 x twin-linked autocannons & psybolt ammo

5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer
5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer

5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer

5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer

5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer

5 x Purifiers w/ Rhino - 2 x psycannons, 2 x nemesis halberds - justicar w/ master crafted nemesis daemon hammer

Heavy Support

Dreadnought - 2 x twin-linked autocannons & psybolt ammo
Dreadnought - 2 x twin-linked autocannons & psybolt ammo

Eldar 'Bumdar' - 2,000 points


Eldrad stinkypants
Farseer - guide


5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked shuriken cannon & shuriken cannon
5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked shuriken cannon & shuriken cannon
5 x Fire Dragons w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked shuriken cannon & shuriken cannon


5 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked eldar missile launcher & shuriken cannon
5 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked eldar missile launcher & shuriken cannon
5 x Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent - Serpent w/ twin-linked eldar missile launcher & shuriken cannon

Heavy Support

3 x War Walkers - 6 x eldar missile launchers
3 x War Walkers - 6 x scatter lasers
3 x War Walkers - 6 x scatter lasers

Pre-game Analysis

I'm pretty worried about John's Eldar. I can see his runes of warding is going to annoy me if my vehicles get stunned or shaken, though to be truthful that's the only time I will be casting psychic powers. I can't see him having much problem blowing my tanks open and then mauling my infantry with his mass of lazor beamz shots :P. Really, he has me touching cloth.

With a bit of self composure, I think I've got it. If I use the Dreadnoughts to blast the EML War Walkers and Dragon-Serpents that should shut down the mass high strength fire power, the other EML Serpents I'll have to deal with later. I then can use mass psycannons to blow holes in his War Walkers and after that I should be safe.

Game: Annihilation + Spearhead


John wins the roll off and deploys first, he takes the top left corner, which suits me fine. He uses the large shrine ruin to give half his army cover, well more than half as two Serpents are exposed and a unit of War Walkers. At least everything else I cannot see or is getting cover.

I deploy against my right table edge so my Rhinos are facing across the board, there's a big ruin to right and that gives me a lot of cover. All Dreadnoughts deploy behind a small ruin, Crowe also hides in there as he is a big pansy poo pants.

* Tactical Notes

Ok, John is going first, this is probably a blessing in disguise as he needs to move his army up to get it into range, this is good as my psycannons should be able to shoot back and also the Dreadnoughts will be in range.

My first target will be the EML War Walkers, this unit can easily take out Rhinos which can lead to my infantry eating shuri cannons - that's not cool. I'll use the Dreadnoughts to blow these up as they are no doubt hanging back. There is one unit of War Walkers which is close, psycannons should tackle them. I'll take it from there after that.

Turn 1

I attempt to seize the intiative and fail, I think I am glad this has happened as I really shouldn't have tried to seize. My idea was to just pop smoke to get cover and use the Dreadnoughts to get some damage on some War Walkers.

Eldar first turn; John moves out his scatter-walkers together across his board edge so he can get clear LOS on my Rhino formation. The EML-walkers appear at the side of the shrine towards my board edge and hang back. The Serpents move forward 12". Guide is cast on both scatter walker units.

Shooting; EMLs from the War Walkers blast and explode a Rhino, scatters from another War Walker unit explode another Rhino and three Purifiers die to shrapnel. The last unit of scatter War Walkers fire at a Rhino and manage to shake or stun it, can't remember which one.

Grey Knights first turn; all Purifier units hold position so I can get maximum psycannon shots off, looks close if those War Walkers will be in range. Dreadnoughts move through and around the ruin, though a Venerable gets stuck inside thanks to low rolls, at least a single autocannon can see through a window ;) I cast fortitude on the stunned Rhino and the power goes off, screw you runes!

Shooting; unit from the previously stunned Rhino attempts to fire at the War Walkers though are out of range, that means majority of my units will be out of range shooting and the only other closest target is a Dragon Wave Serpent. I blast the Dragon Serpent, it gets cover thanks to the ruin, after it taking several damage results it is finally wrecked - Dragons pass pinning. A Venerable Dreadnought and normal one blast the EML War Walkers and put those to bed while the other two Dreadnoughts blast Dragon Serpents, one is stunned and the other weapon destroyed and immobilised, if I remember right.

Kill points - Grey Knights: 2 Eldar: 2

* Tactical Notes

Ok, we're even stevens on kill points, which I think I got off lightly on. I was expecting three dead Rhinos this turn to be honest. If John can capitalise on those exposed Purifier units then he can rack up the kill points next turn.

I don't think my turn went too bad either. In fact, I think it went better than John's. I've scored equal kill points and managed to surpress two Serpents for a turn. Considering my psycannons were out of range of my main target I don't think I can complain.

Next turn I will move my Purifiers up to get into range. It's better to have them firing 2 shots per psycannon than none at all. Targets still remain the same.

Turn 2

John doesn't really move much this turn as he knows I am out of range. Guide is cast on both the scatter laser War Walker units.

Shooting; scatter lasers blast a Rhino and it explodes - all Purifiers are safe while the Rhino which got stunned last time is stunned again and also weapon destroyed and immobilised. Don't think much else fires to be honest.

Grey Knights turn; I cast fortitude on the stunned Rhino, because I can :P - in all seriousness I am not sure why I did this. The tank cannot shoot or move so was a waste of time, but the power went off! Purifiers bail out the immobilised Rhino and move forward with the other three units on foot, one Rhino by the Dreadnought moves forward 6" to take a long 24" shot at a Wave Serpent while another Rhino attempts to move through terrain is immobilised, I pop smoke on it. Dreadnoughts move to get into position to get better LOS.

Shooting; psycannons let rip at the two remaining War Walker units and both units lose a walker and both cannot shoot. The immobilised Dragon Wave Serpents gets blasted by autocannons and explodes, two Dragons die though pass morale and pinning. I blast the unit of Dragons on foot (who are still hiding behind their Serpent wreck) and kill all but two, survivors pass morale.

Kill points - Grey Knights: 3 Eldar: 3

* Tactical Notes

Still going even stevens, though I think I may have got some kind of a lead here in gaming terms. John cannot fire his two War Walker units as they both stunned, this leaves him with four Wave Serpents to fire, a full unit of Fire Dragons and a single Dragon. I haven't forgot about the other Dragons, though they are out the action.

Next turn I'll start blasting the War Walkers with full on psycannon heavy rate of fire power while the autocannons start popping Serpents and more War Walkers. If the Fire Dragons get close, then they will get eat force weapons :D

Turn 3

John's third turn; John has the idea of boosting all his Serpents right back to the top left hand corner. I tell him that this is the most stupid, dumbass, flea brain idea that he has ever had and to get his noggin in gear. He still cannot get his brain in gear, so I lend him some of my tactical genius. I suggest he move two Serpents behind the shrine ruin to get cover and also move the remaining F.D's into the same ruin, I cannot draw LOS to them then ;). I also suggest he pull back Eldrad's Serpent and put the War Walkers into a ruin where they will get cover and give cover to Eldrad. The other Serpent unit should hide behind the same ruin to get cover. I suggest he cast fortune on both War Walker units. The reason I suggested all this is if he moved all Serpents back then he would have to move back again next turn to get them into range, also his War Walkers would be left unsupported. John does what I suggest, I just hope it pays off for him as I will look like a right burke. He also moves the last operational Dragon Serpent 12" and the Dragons bail out ready to slag some Grey Knights as the two Dragons moves up.

Shooting; the full unit of Dragons attempts to slag a Purifier unit (I also get ready to remove them) though John rolls badly and only two die, the two Dragons add some assistance and slags more Grey Knights,  just the Justicar left.

My third turn; I move the two normal Dreadnoughts up on the hill where my Rhinos originally started, this is so they can get LOS on a War Walker unit. All Purifiers hold position, except the single Justicar who makes his way over to the remaining Fire Dragon unit.

Shooting; I blast Wave Serpents behind the shrine ruin through the doorway and they pass all the cover saves. I blast Eldrad's ride and it passes cover save also. War Walkers get shot up by psycannons, if I remember right one unit now has a single War Walker left and the other unit has a shaken one. Psycannons fire into the full unit of Fire Dragons and wipe them out. Psycannons and autocannons torrent the last Dragon Serpent, it takes a load of damage before it is wrecked.

Assault; Justicar charges the two Fire Dragons, the Dragons fail to wound and the Justicar smashes them both with his master crafted hammer - he consolidates the grand total of 1".

Kill points - Grey Knights: 6 Eldar: 3

* Tactical Notes

Pulled a lead here and that's thanks to John's fire been surpressed. All Fire Dragons in my face have been dealt with, though I didn't manage to tackle the War Walkers thanks to fortune, so they will be blasting at my next turn. I do expect John to get some kill points next turn, the unit of 3 Purifiers is easy kill for a War Walker and the single Justicar is begging to be shot to death.

Next turn I'll torrent the War Walkers with psycannons while the Dreadnoughts start finishing off the Wave Serpents.

Turn 4

The two Wave Serpents behind the shrine come out to play as do the War Walkers, though Eldrad guides both War Walker units - the two model War Walkers do stay in terrain so they get cover.

Shooting; the single Justicar is blasted and killed by a EML. Scatter lasers blast the weapon destroyed and immobilised Rhino and it is taken out. Scatters blast the unit of three Purifiers and causes six wounds, I get lucky and pass every single save. Remaining EMLs on the Wave Serpents fire at the Rhino near the Dreadnoughts and score weapon destroyed and stunned.

G.K turn; the stunned Rhino passes fortitude and moves forward 12" with the Purifiers bailing out ready to drop down psycannon and storm bolter death. The rest just hold position.

Shooting; I blast Eldrad's Serpent with psycannons and cause no damage, the autocannons do better and make it go boom! Squad passes pinning. Psycannons empty into the War Walkers, I fail to finish off either unit. I think that's about it!

Kill points - Grey Knights: 7 Eldar: 5

* Tactical Notes

I've got a nice lead on John, though he isn't far behind and can easily catch up this turn. He still has both his War Walker units left, a few Wave Serpents and the Fire Dragons hiding in the shrine ruin - which I forgot about (even though I told him to put them there) and now my Rhino is in range for shooting.

Next turn I'll torrent Eldrad and his mates with psycannons and storm bolters while the Dreadnoughts blast at the Wave Serpents and War Walkers, psycannons will help taking out the War Walkers.

We have also agreed to end the game on turn 5, can John catch up and at least make it a draw?

Turn 5

John holds all units in position, I don't remember him moving any. Walkers get guide cast on them.

Shooting; scatters lasers blast the two remaining Rhinos the immobilised one is stunned and the weapon destroyed one is immobilised, bad luck. EML from Wave Serpent frags the Purifiers by the Rhino along with shuri support, some wounds are scored though the Fire Dragons finish them off scoring John a kill point. Eldrad and the Dire Avengers are out of range to do anything.

My last turn; I don't think I move anything. Shooting then; autocannons blast and take out the last two Wave Serpents while the psycannons finish off the single War Walker. I do blast the Fire Dragons with autocannons, though they go to ground and one survives who passes morale. Psycannons did also fire into the paired War Walkers, though I only managed to take out one walker.

Game ends with 10 kill points to Eldar 6.


A enjoyable game with John. I was expecting a tougher battle if I am honest (no offense to John), John's dice were fine, though I was expecting two Rhinos to go down a turn. I guess if you consider that one turn that fire power was surpressed and another turn John failed to take out those Rhinos it works out about right. I think the final score could have been closer if those last two Rhinos had been popped and the unit of three Purifiers had died, also not forgetting the unit which got blasted by Fire Dragons - that's another 4 kill points there.

I think John played well, I think if he did wanted he wanted to do then he would have played too defensive and he wouldn't have any offensive for the following turn. I guess my gamble suggestion paid off as he got lucky with all saves and took minimum damage, go fortune! I think what John should have done is cast fortune on the three Dragon Serpents first turn (switch the single Farseer from guide to fortune) and then move all three flat out towards my Dreadnoughts - these would have been tough to take out and no matter what the Dragons, or at least some would have survived. The rest of his army could have followed the path they did with EMLs blasting the Rhinos and scatters firing into the troops. Perhaps the EML War Walker unit would have been better following the main formation and given cover probably would have caused some more damage.

I think I've got the hang of this Purifier build now. First turn I was out of range, which really annoyed me. I think if I am in doubt if I am in range then I should move out. It's better to fire limited shots than none at all.

Mistake wise I shouldn't have cast fortitude when I did on that Rhino. There was no need too, though it caused no harm I guess. I was just in the habit of casting fortitude, which btw, I failed one psychic test, so I think that's pretty good going considering runes.