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Discussion: Getting bored of Imperial Guard?

Lately I've been finding myself not playing with my Imperial Guard. I have used them twice recently and that's because I haven't been using them and decided to get some time in with them. Apart from the two recent games, the time before I used them was back in October - that's about 2-3 months I haven't played them for. In my recent two games I think I've found out why they are perhaps getting a tad stale.

These tanks are boring, I hate mech!

I don't want to sound like a typcial anti mech troll, but moving all these slow moving Chimeras about is getting a bit boring. It's the same old tactic with them - move up, shoot, move up, shoot - starting to get a bit repetitive. In my last two games I've found some problems, move up close to get the meltas and plasmas into range and you're probably looking at dead Guardsmen or tanks. Hold back and advance with multi lasers and you're not getting into range and just firing, well, multi lasers.

My tanks are faster than your tanks

Looking at the rest of my armies I think I've found the problem - speed. Both Blood Angel armies are fast moving. Dark Eldar are fast moving. Necrons are slow, but more survivable and can sit mid range and fire, so they don't need to get close, plus I do have fast elements in the form of Scarabs and Wraiths.

I think my problem is the Imperial Guard are too slow, at least compared to my other armies. I've been playing Dark Eldar and Blood Angels too long and now adjusted to fast armies.

Change is the way forward

There isn't a huge amount more I can do with my Guard. It's either mech or foot and foot is even slower and I don't fancy doing a massive horde army, particularly one which is just static. I like things to be moving and moving fast with loads of fire power and punchy punchy goodness.

Down the yellow brick road

Where do I go from here? I am not sure to be honest. I am starting to get attached to Grey Knights. I admit I don't like the fluff, but the army is pretty cool to play with. They do tick two out of three boxes I like for my armies; shooty and killy in assault. They aren't fast, but with 24" range fire power across the board (almost) they should be in range most times.

Choices choices..