Warp Message: An interesting Deathstar, or am I missing something?‏

Hi Mercer

I'm liking your blog very much, and today, playing around with some Eldar Codex, I found something I can't really understand. Here we go:

HQ (506pts)


Doom (25pts), Fortune (30pts), Jetbike (30pts), Runes of Warding (15pts), Singing Spear (3pts), Spirit Stones (20pts)

Jetbike Warlocks (328pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (48pts)

Singing Spear (3pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (53pts)

Enhance (5pts), Singing Spear (3pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (63pts)

Embolden (15pts), Singing Spear (3pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (58pts)

Destructor (10pts), Singing Spear (3pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (58pts)

Destructor (10pts), Singing Spear (3pts)

Warlock (Jetbike) (48pts)

Singing Spear (3pts)

If I read the codex well, those guys run around in Eldar JetBikes, taking with them a funny 3+ armor save, and a strong 4+ invulnerable save; and T4, that being eldar isn't just bad (I know, I know, not for insta-death!). And, to be honest, they REROLL armor saves (thanks to Fortune). So we have a nearly 89% save to AP 4+ and 75% save to the rest. Ok, they cost 500 points for 7 models (humble terminators are 200 for 5), but they have it all: mobility (in form of 12" movement phase and 6" assault phase), survival (75%+!), and firepower. At 12", they throw lances that wounds on 2+ (I think they let armor saves at range, because there is that AP6 in the codex, but still they are Power Weapons...mah!), counts as S9 against veichles, and fight melee at +1I and +1WS. So 14 attacks, at WS5 and WS6, that hit first. Oh, they wound on 2+ (and reroll to wound!), and oviously ignore armors. Yes, the great survavibility power (Fortune) has to be casted, but hey, Farseer has 1 chance of 12 of screwing it up, and even then, Warlock makes him retry. 1/144 chance of screwing up the power(s). Not bad at all.

Other than Rune Priests and maybe some other nasty "anti psychic" defense, what do you think of this formation? Is truly the deathstar I think it to be, or am I totally wrong?

Happy discussion!

Thanks for the kind words about the blog, dude, I am glad you like it :)

Eldar, I used to play them just over a year ago now, sold the army as I didn't use it that much. I used a mech list made up of Wave Serpents and Fire Prisms. The only Jetbike unit I had was in Guardian form.

The unit you have suggested is quite a common, though expensive setup. I've never used this setup, though it can be deadly. You're pretty much spot on about what the unit can do, though you're slightly off about the singing spear. The singing spear isn't a lance or power weapon. It just wounds on a 2+ in combat and has a 12" range when against vehicles and is S9 ;)

Though you are right, the Jetseer Council is pretty badass.

Eldar players, what do you think of the Jetseer Council? Totally badass or too expensive?