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Battle Report: 1,500 Points Blood Angels vs. Space Marines

Headed over to Gamenight last night as Thursday is there 40k night and was hoping to get a game in. I brought up my newly completed Blood Angels jumper list and was hoping to get another game in with them to learn them more. This will be my second time using the list, my first game was against my roommate's CSM list and was a draw. Wasn't looking good when I first showed as the only others in the store were two guys playing fantasy. I decided to browse the codex and get to know my enemies when a guy named John showed up and said he had a space marine army ready to play! What good luck! I didn't take notes but the game is pretty fresh in my mind. No pictures as originally I didn't intend on reporting in, but Mark twisted my arm to write it up ;) Right, enough blah blah'ing, to the fight!

1,500 points Blood Angels- "The Bouncing Betty's"

Librarian - jump pack, shield of sanguinus & unleash rage
Librarian - jump pack, shield of sanguinus & unleash rage
Honour Guard - jump packs, 1 x meltagun, 3 x plasma gun

2 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist
10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist
10 x Assault Marines - sgt w/ power weapon
10 x Assault Marines - sgt w/ power weapon

1,500 points Space Marines

Captain w/terminator armor, power sword
Chief Librarian Tigurius

5 Terminators, sgt w/power weapon
Dreadnaught w/multi melta

10 Tactical marines w/rhino, missile launcher, sgt w/power weapon
10 Tactical marines w/rhino, missile launcher, sgt w/power weapon

Fast Attack
Land Speeder w/typhoon launcher, heavy bolter
Land Speeder w/typhoon launcher, heavy bolter
8 Assault marines, sgt w/power weapon

Game: Pitched battle, Annihilation

Terrain: We chose a mix of urban ruins and hills. The hills were classified as difficult terrain that granted cover. One ruin was on my left flank, another on my right flank, hills in the center and the GW landing pad on my far left flank.

Setup: I win the roll and choose to set up first and go first. I place melta squads up front with PW squads behind. Honor guard squad is placed in the middle of the formation. Librarians and priests are placed in the back on either flanks. John sets up on my right flank behind a hill. He deploys both rhinos near his terminators with the dreadnaught close by. Tiggy is in a rhino with a tac squad and the captain joins the terminator unit. John leaves his assault squad and both land speeders in reserve.

John attempts to seize the initiative but fails.

*Initial Thoughts: Ok I used to play vanilla marines so I know what everything does that John has brought today. There are no big blast templates in his list so I'm expecting only light casualties as I bound forward. The dread could be annoying as it would be hard to defeat in CC so I'll try to slag it early on. I also need to shut down those rhinos. Terminators will be the usual annoying speed bump and will require quite a bit of force to knock off. I've put my honor guard in the middle of my formation so they can react to any part of the field where they are needed most- and quickly. Tiggy will have to be avoided, he can get dangerous. Luckily I have two hoods on the field so I'm confident I'll be able to shut down most casting.

Turn 1. Blood Angels. Movement. All squads jump forward.

Shooting. All squads run. I roll very well and everyone runs 5-6" forward.

Assault. None.

Space Marines. Movement. A rhino with tac squad moves 12" down my right flank and stops partially behind the city ruins on my right. Terminators move into cover on a hill top. Dreadnaught moves about a little, nothing notable.

Shooting. I cast Shield successfully with both librarians. Terminators shoot a melta squad and kill 1 marine. Dreadnaught fires its multi melta but misses. Missile launcher in the stationary rhino shoots a frag missile but either fails to wound or I make my saves.

Assault. None.

Score: Blood Angels- 0 Space Marines- 0

A pretty boring first turn as I expected. I had some great run rolls and am beyond the mid point of the field so I'm expecting to be in assault next turn. Casualties from shooting were light. Unfortunately I haven't inflicted any damage on John's marines yet. The rhino on my right flank did exactly what I was afraid of- it's putting pressure on my flank and now it needs to be dealt with before it becomes a real thorn in my side.

Turn 2. Blood Angels. Movement. Honor guard jump to my right flank and land within 12" of John's rhino. Melta squad on the right jumps forward and lands within 6" of the dreadnaught. PW squad that was behind it jumps and lands in front of the terminator squad in cover. Priest and librarian join the PW squad in front of the terminators. Melta and PW squads on my left bound forward around a centrally located hill.

Shooting. Honor guard torrent the rhino on my right with rapid fire plasma and it explodes. 1 plasma gets hot but I save. Marines in the rhino take 4 wounds! Melta squad explodes the dreadnaught. PW squad fires bolt pistols into the terminators but fail to kill any. Melta and PW squads on the left run and again score 5-6" on the run! These guys have been training hard in their down time :D.

Assault. Librarian with PW squad casts Unleash Rage. PW squad charges the terminators in cover and barely make it into base contact. CC goes horribly for my squad, I lose 5 marines and do 1 wound. My marines fail morale and fall back 15". Terminators consolidate about in cover.

Space Marines. John rolls for reserves and both land speeders arrive; assault marines remain in reserve.

Movement. Marines on my right move up 6" towards my honor guard squad. Terminators move through cover and halt a few inches away from me melta squad. Other rhino/tac squad remain embarked and stationary.

Shooting. Tac squad rapid fires into my honor guard squad and kill 1 marine. Terminators fire storm bolters into my melta squad and kill 2 or 3. Land speeders fire frag missiles into some squads but kill nothing. Tac squad fires a frag missile from the rhino and scatters way off target.

Assault. Terminators assault my melta squad. Again, CC goes terrible for me- power weapons chew my marines up and the squad is eventually completely wiped out! Terminators consolidate back towards the hill cover they came from.

Score: Blood Angels- 2 Space Marines- 1

Overall an OK turn for me. I managed to get 2 fairly easy kill points and made a dent in the tac squad to my right. CC has gone badly for me so far this game those terminators are chewing me up! I need to get my head out of my ass and focus fire on them, otherwise they'll have free reign. The speeders are annoying but aren't doing much as I have all power armor infantry. Next turn my honor guard should finish off the tac squad to my right and I'll throw all I can at the terminators.

Turn 3. Blood Angels. Movement. Left flank melta and PW squads bounce 12" due right toward terminators and rhino. Honor guard squad remain stationary and reload a fresh magazine of plasma. PW squad that fled auto rally and bound 12" forward back towards the terminators- they are hungry for revenge!

Shooting. Melta squad fires and explodes the last rhino, marines inside take a few wounds and 2 or 3 die in the blast. Both PW squads torrent the terminators with bolt pistols and I manage to kill 1. Honor guard blast the tac squad on my right and two marines remain.

Assault. Librarians all cast Unleash Rage. Melta squad that exploded the rhino assault the tac squad that was inside. John loses 2 marines, I lose 1 but John makes the morale test. 2 PW squads assault the terminators and kill 2 terminators and they pass morale! AHH!

Space Marines. John rolls for his assault squad but they are still stuck somewhere in orbit!

Movement. Not much as most of John's marines are engaged. The two remaining tac marines move into cover. Tiggy casts a spell (I 10 spell) and my hoods fail to nullify :/ Land Speeders move about to get better LOS on things.

Shooting. Tac marines on my right flame my honor guard, 1 dies. Speeders have nothing to shoot at.

Assault. I finally manage to wipe out the remaining terminators and captain through sheer weight of dice and power weapon swings. The fist in my melta unit engaged with Tiggy and the tac marines wins me combat, John fails his morale test but not caught by the sweeping advance and he flees ~10" back. I consolidate all my assault squads towards a central location in his deployment zone.

Score: Blood Angels- 4 Space Marines- 1

Ok looks like I have things wrapped up here. The terminators are finally gone. I'll pick up another easy 2 kill points next turn by finishing off two more marines with my honor guard and assaulting the unit that fled.

Turn 4. Blood Angels. Movement. 3 assault squads move towards the tac squad that fled me.

Shooting. Honor guard blast and wipe out the remaining 2 marines with plasma. Assault squad fires bolt pistols and takes out 1 or 2 marines.

Assault. All three undengaged assault squads assault the tac squad and wipe it out. Tiggy is not joined to the unit and he gets away!

Space Marines. John rolls for his assault squad and they STILL don't arrive, even with a 2+ now. Turn 5 they'll come in automatically but by then it'll be too late.

Movement. Speeders move about to get better LOS.

Shooting. Speeders take down ~3 marines with krak missiles.

Assault. None.

Score: Blood Angels- 6 Space Marines- 1

At this point its around 10 O clock and the store is closing so we decide to wrap the game up here. Blood Angels get the win with 6 kill points versus 1.

Overall this was an entertaining game- John was a great guy to play against and we spent plenty of time chatting the whole game. John admitted he is new to the game and is still learning so I gave him some hints afterwards. I suggested if he likes terminators (which he does) that he use TH/SS terminators instead of shooty terminators. Also, he expressed interest in a land raider- I suggested a LR Crusader or standard LR to transport the TH/SS terminators. Also suggested dropping an HQ (captain) and adding a chaplain with the terminators to make them really killy. I liked that John uses 2 land speeder typhoons, unfortunately these don't come in handy much against my type of army. I suggested he stick with those regardless. The dreadnaught was a fine choice, again, the MM was useless against my list unfortunately. His use of tac squads and rhinos was fine so he'll stick with those. I suggested either dropping the assault squad or at least not reserving it.

I think John learned a lot during this game and was able to see an army that worked well without using mech. Overall a good game and I made a new friend! Not a bad evening considering my prospects for a game were pretty bleak at first!

I'm really liking this list so far. This was my second game with them and my first win. It's a refreshing change from my mech BA list. The mobility in this list is amazing and I'm able to bring a decent number of special weapons to bear against targets that need taking out. It's a fairly straightforward list to play but can be unforgiving as I learned. Not much else to say about the tactics at 1500 points really- just jump forward and get into CC as fast as possible. It's fun seeing the look on peoples' faces when you don't setup any tanks at all- all of those multi meltas, krak missiles and lascannons are now failry useless :D It's an army list not many expect to see which in itself is a powerful tactic.