Army List Review: Draigo and Friends! 2,000 points Grey Knights

So after a week of playing Army and being out of touch with all the going's on around teh internetz, I'm back and full of 40k enthusiasms!

For a couple of weeks now I've been pondering Grey Knights. My roommate used to play them shortly after they were released and they were extremely difficult to beat. They looked fun. Hobby wise the models and paint schemes look great. So, barely able to contain my excitement any longer, I made a trip to the store and picked up the codex.

I spent a good amount of time pouring over the codex and in all honesty have been overwhelmed. I think I'm finally starting to get a grasp on what I want to collect.

I read J4ck's recent article re: a GK terminator list and decided the best way to make my GK list different from my Blood Angels list would be to run a low model count army and avoid mechanizing somehow. The last thing I want to do is collect silver blood angels :/ I settled on a draigo themed list meaning I'll have plenty of Paladins on the table. So, lets get building shall we!


Ok so the obvious choice here is the man, the myth, the legend (no, not ron jeremy). Draigo! At a whopping 275 points I think he's worth his price. He's allowing me to take pally's as troops- nice. I'd like to take a librarian as my second HQ but let's hold off for now as we've already sunk a lot in this section.


This is the bread and butter of this list. So, paladins. One of their strengths is the vast customization you can have with these guys. I'm leaning towards using combat squad shenanigans- meaning I'll take squads of 10 and then split them when I set up. I'm going to max out Psycannons, so I'll pay for 4 total (every 5 pally's can take 2 cannons). I'm also going to master craft these. Upon setup, these 4 cannons will all be placed in the same squad- that's a lot of Dakka! With relentless from terminator armor, they can keep pace with the rest of the army and still shoot. Next, I'll throw in 2 Nemesis Staves. These give a 2++ in close combat. One stave will stay with the "CC" oriented half of the squad, the other with the dakka lads to soak up hits in CC. Next, lets add 1 Demon hammer for free. Again, this hammer will stay with the CC half of the squad. Let's also master craft that as well, since like the cannons, this hammer NEEDs to hit in CC. Everyone else will stay with Force Halberds. To finish it off, lets add a Brotherhood Banner to the squad. This will combine with the CC portion of the squad (and draigo).

And Now- take all that above- and double it!

That's right, two ten man pally squads equipped exactly as above.

So right now that's 2 units of 10 pally's which will combat squad for effectively 4 pally squads- 2 with CC punch and 2 with lots of Dakka!


Ok we're getting high up on the points so lets look at the Heavy section. Right now I'm lacking some long range fire support. Looking at my heavy options, there isn't too much that is cheap points. I can fit in two Dreadnoughts with TL AC's and psybolt ammo. That will do nicely.

So here is the list- comes out to 1975 points. I'll probably master craft some halberds to soak up points. What about psybolt ammo for the cannons? Is this worth it? Let me know!


10 Paladins - x4 MC Psycannons, x1 MC Demonhammer, x2 Staves, x6 Halberds,
Brotherhood Banner

10 Paladins - x4 MC Psycannons, x1 MC Demonhammer, x2 Staves, x6 Halberds,
Brotherhood Banner

Dreadnought - psybolt ammo, 2 x Twin linked autocannon

Dreadnought - psybolt ammo, 2 x Twin linked autocannon