Battle Report - Daemons vs Eldar 1500pts

Thursday night is Powerfist night and tonight I have a game against Caleb and his Chaos Daemons. I haven't played against Daemons before and I know very little about them other than their odd deployment and they all have invulnerable saves. I have no idea what kind of list Caleb runs which will make for a good game :) I can't remember the wargear for the Daemons, sorry peeps :(

Eldar - Craftworld Iybraesil 1500pts




Fire Dragons (5) w/Wave Serpent, Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannons


Dire Avengers (5) w/Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannons
Dire Avengers (5) w/Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannons
Dire Avengers (5) w/Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannons

Heavy Support

War Walkers (3) Scatter Laser x 6
War Walkers (3) Scatter Laser x 6
War Walkers (3) EML x 6

Chaos Daemons


Keeper Of Secrets w/Instrument of Chaos
Skulltaker w/Juggernaut


Flamers of Tzeentch (3)
Bloodcrushers of Khorne (2) w/Instrument of Chaos


Bloodletters of Khorne (15) w/Chaos Icon
Daemonettes of Slaanesh (15)
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (15) w/Bolt of Tzeentch, The Changeling

Heavy Support

Daemon Prince w/Daemonic Flight, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch

Seize Ground (3 objectives) + Pitched Battle, I win the roll off and choose to go second.

Table - There is a large ruin in the centre of the table and large craters on each flank, there are lots of smaller ruins and walls scattered all over the table. One objective is placed in a crater on the left flank, another behind a wall on the left flank and another in cover on the right flank.

Pre-game thoughts - I win the roll off and I can see there is next to no ranged anti-tank so I go second, pointless going first as I'll have nothing to shoot at! I really don't know a great deal about daemons so I'm going to shoot at the big beasties first with as much guided firepower as possible. I'm confident I can outmanoeuvre the daemons so I'll use my speed for late objective grabs :)

Deployment - I deploy in the centre of the board with my War Walkers at the back and the four Wave Serpents in front, I've got most of the board covered and I'm within a flatout move of each objective.

Turn 1

Daemons - Caleb rolls for his first wave (Prince, Bloodcrushers, Horrors and Skulltaker) but the Chaos Gods say nay, Keeper of secrets arrives left flank, Bloodletters in the centre ruin, Daemonettes right flank and Flamers just to the right of my deployment zone due to scatter, everything runs, flamers are way out of range so they run too.

Eldar - Eldrad guides a sqn of Scatter Walkers and EML Walkers, DA Serpent and FD Serpent move towards the right flank while Eldrads serpent and the other DA Serpent move towards the left flank, War Walkers move around to get los on the Keeper of Secrets.

Shooting - The Scatter Walkers fire at the Keeper of Secrets causing 9 wounds with 3 unsaved, Eldrads serpent fires at the Keeper taking his last wound. EML Walkers fire kraks at the Flamers and kill all 3 at once, all remaining Shuriken Cannons and Scatter Lasers torrent the Bloodletters but due to good cover saves only 7 die.

Analysis - That went well :) Not only did I get the least dangerous wave but I've taken out the Keeper of Secrets and the Flamers and the Bloodletters are at half strength. Next turn I'll see what comes down, if the Prince shows up I'll shoot at him until he's dead then remaining shots will go into the Bloodletters.

Turn 2

Daemons - The Daemon prince appears and lands next to the Bloodletters, nothing else arrives. Daemonettes shuffle about into cover while the Prince and Bloodletters run towards my War Walkers.

Eldar - Eldrad Dooms the Daemon Prince, Dooms the Bloodletters and Guides the EML Walkers. War Walkers move towards the left flank but keeping los on the Prince, Fire Dragons flat out to the left flank while the DA serpent on the right moves into the right corner in the hope that the Daemonettes will take the bait and chase it around. Eldrads Serpent and the other DA Serpent move further to the left claiming an objective and keeping los on the Bloodletters.

Shooting - Scatter Walkers let loose 48 shots and the Daemon Prince goes byebyes, EML Walkers manage to hit one shot despite being guided and kill a Bloodletter. Wave Serpent Shuriken fire kills 3 Bloodletters and 4 Daemonettes.

Analysis - Again, a good turn for Eldrad and his band of pointy eared merry men, Daemon Prince has gone before he had chance to do anything. Ideally I would have liked to have destroyed the Bloodletters with the Chaos Icon because I really don't want Skulltaker deep striking close to my lines :/ If he doesn't come down next turn those Bloodletters are getting slagged :)

Turn 3

Daemons - The Pink Horrors and the Changeling come down and DS near to the right flank objective, Skulltaker is still a no show. Daemonettes get good run rolls and the Bloodletters move towards the Fire Dragons serpent.

Shooting - The Horrors shoot their single bolt at the serpent on the right flank but miss.

Assault - The Daemonettes attack the DA Serpent and get a stunned and a weapon destroyed taking the t/l Shuriken Cannon. The Bloodletters attack the FD Serpent and make it go boom! The explosion kills one Fire Dragon and one Bloodletter. Fire Dragons pass pinning.

Eldar - Eldrad Guides the Fire Dragons and Dooms the Bloodletters. DA Serpent goes flat out to claim the second objective on the left flank, Eldrads Serpent moves slightly, War Walkers move to get los on the Daemonettes and the Horrors.

Shooting - The Fire Dragons shoot at the remaining Bloodletters killing them all. Scatter Walkers fire at the Daemonettes killing 9 while the remaining Scatter/EML Walkers fire at the Horrors killing 4 and the Changeling.

Assault - The Daemonettes auto hit the Serpent and immobilise it.

Analysis - Right, I think I've got this in the bag, those Bloodletters are gone so the Bloodcrushers/Skulltaker will have to do a regular deepstrike, the Daemonettes fell for the bait and are miles away from any objectives, DA will get out of their immobilised Serpent and make those daemonettes eat Shuriken next turn. If Skulltaker shows his face next turn I'll fire all War Walkers at them, if not I'll shoot the Horrors off the objective on the right flank.

Turn 4

Daemons - Skulltaker and the Bloodcrushers finally join the fun and deep strike on the left flank between the two objectives and run towards the objective nearer to my table edge, they only get a 2 on their run roll. Horrors move into cover claiming their objective.

Assault - Daemonettes punch the Wave Serpent but fail to do anything.

Eldar - Eldrad Guides the Fire Dragons, Fortunes his Serpent and Dooms the Bloodcrushers. Fire Dragons move out of cover but only roll a 1. DA Serpent moves flat out away from the left flank objective towards the Horrors on the right flank, Eldrads Serpent moves away slightly from the Bloodcrushers but into Guide range for the Scatter Walkers next turn. Dire Avengers get out of the immobilised Serpent.

Shooting - Dire Avengers fire at the two Daemonettes killing them both. Only one Fire Dragon is within range of the Bloodcrushers but manages to wound one. Scatter and EML Walkers fire at the Horrors killing all but two of them. The final Scatter Walker Sqn fires at the Bloodcrushers and Skulltaker causing two wounds on Skulltaker, killing the Bloodcrusher with one wound and wounding the other one.

Analysis - Next turn I'll flat out the DA Serpent to contest the Horror's objective, War Walkers will torrent the two Horrors, remaining shots will go into Skulltaker, I think this will be the last turn :)

Turn 5

Daemons - Not much movement, Bloodcrusher/Skulltaker move towards the Fire Dragons.

Assault - Skulltaker makes the Fire Dragons go splat!

Eldar - Eldrad Dooms Skulltaker/Bloodcrusher, Guides the Scatter Walkers and zooms off to claim the objective on the opposite side of the table. Dire Avengers on the right flank move towards the Horrors, War Walkers move to get los on Skulltaker.

Shooting - The Dire Avengers fire at the Horrors finishing them off and the Wave serpent is there to claim the objective. All Scatter Walkers fire at Skulltaker and the Bloodcrusher killing them both...Eldar win by claiming two objectives and tabling the Daemons.

Post game analysis - Well, that was my first encounter with Chaos Daemons and as far as the Eldar were concerned it went perfectly, I felt kind of bad for Caleb as he was a really nice guy. He mentioned that he hadn't played against Eldar before and he thought that I might have a more infantry based force, hence his combat orientated army, ironically his main daemon list is more shooty :/. It was unlucky for Caleb that he didn't get his preferred wave come down turn 1 and he really could have done with Skulltaker and the Bloodcrushers getting stuck into my War Walkers. Yet again it was the War Walkers that won me the game, with the Daemon army coming on in bits and drabs I had the time to prioritise targets and make sure they were finished off. All in all another good night at Powerfist :)