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UK Bloggers Group

Welcome to the UK Bloggers Group!

The idea with the UK Bloggers Group is to increase the size of the UK blogging commiunity and bring UK bloggers close together. Hopefully this will lead to easier trades, arranging games and how 40k works in the UK.

If you want your blog added to the UK Bloggers Group roll there's a few easy steps you need to do.

1. Add the above image to your blog. You can do this by going into design mode and adding a picture, you can upload the image (if you save it to your computer) or link it to the image above. The url needs to be . It's important that this logo is added to your blog as it will spread the word and invite others into the blogging group.

2. Add to your blog roll :)

3. Lastly,  e-mail with your url and let me know why you're so awesome and deserve to be on such a quality blog roll. Actually, just e-mail me your blog url and I'll add ;)

A hats off goes to Tom Meer from Heralds of Ruin for the cool logo :) .

This page is currently under construction, a list of blogs will soon be added.