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Pimpage: Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion

The Brotherhood Champion isn't the most attractive HQ choice Grey Knights have, I am not going to write a article and tell you how awesome he is and attempt to twist your mind into believing so. What I will say is the B.C isn't that bad, and if you've got 100 points and struggling to burn, then the B.C might be worth it. Lets take a deeper look...

Under the hood

The Brotherhood Champion has a impressive WS7, I5 and 2+ armour save. Most of the other stats are standard Space Marine, except the wound count, which is a lowly 1, which is a bit poor for a HQ choice.

We already know/presume the G.K has psyk-out grenades, storm bolter, frag grenades and krak grenades. He's also got artificer armour and a iron halo and a funky sword called a anointed blade. The blade is the interesting part, as it allows the B.C to re-roll to wound and is also counted as a nemesis force sword, in case you haven't clocked on, this will give the B.C a 3+ invulnerable save in combat.

Special rule wise the B.C has all the normal G.K special rules, though also has titan's herald and the perfect warrior.

Titan's herald allows the B.C to re-roll to hit when charging plus any unit he's attached with.

The perfect warrior rule is a little more interesting, see the B.C doesn't have any attack value. Instead you pick a combat stance before combat starts, which can affect the number of attacks you get.

* Sword Storm - The B.C gets a attack for every enemy model in base contact with him, though doesn't receive any bonus attack for charging.

* Blade Shield - The B.C may re-roll any failed saves, though cannot strike this turn.

* Rapier Strike - When fighting against a I.C or monstrous creature, the B.C will have D3 attacks (plus charging) and strike at I10.

Psychic power wise the Brotherhood Champion has hammerhand and also heroic sacrifice. Heroic sacrifice, the B.C takes a psychic test, if the test is passed the B.C makes a single attack at a enemy model he was in base contact with when he died, if the attack hits then the enemy model dies too with no saves of any kind.


Now we know what the B.C actually can do, lets look on how to use him.

Everybody's dead, Dave

If you want pure destruction then the B.C is the man for the job. He's actually a Chaplain when you think about it as gives re-roll to hit when charging, groovy. Attach him to a unit of combat death i.e Terminators, Paladins or Purifiers. Give said unit halberds, hammers and maybe falchions if they are Purifiers or if any breed of Terminators then swords and hammers, maybe the odd halberd too, though 4+ inv in combat is too good to pass. Anything what stands before the B.C and his buddies will be smashed to bits, lets say any unit of charges with the B.C, each unit gets 2 attacks base so that's 3 attacks per model so 30 attacks, which 15 hit, though thanks to the re-roll that's another 8, 23 attacks hitting, nice. Cast hammerhand with the Brotherhood Champion if there's no I.C about and cleansing flame if with Purifiers, or cast hammerhand twice with any unit if against elite infantry i.e Space Marines, Terminators, monstrous creatures etc. This would mean wounding on a 2+ against T4 infantry, 'ave it! For 100 points to re-roll to hit and +1 strength boost you cannot complain.

You'll need a delivery vehicle for said unit of death. Consider the tougher Land Raider or the faster but cheaper Stormraven.

You're mine, bitch

Is that Tervigon who keeps crapping out Termagants getting on your tits? Is Sanguinor ripping through your lines? Then the Brotherhood Champion is the man for you!

The B.C believe it or not is a slayer, slayer of monstrous creatures, I.C's and basic infantry. If you've forgot, the B.C has rapier strike, which is D3 attacks against monstrous creatures and I.C's. Add in the B.C's heroic sacrifice power and you've got yourself a possible HQ suicidal seeker unit.

Send the Brotherhood Champion packing on his own, get him to charge and on average when using rapier strike the Brotherhood Champion should get 2 attacks, plus one for the charge. With WS7 he'll need mostly 3+ to hit, which can be re-rolled, and remember he's I10 when against I.C's and monstrous creatures so he's striking first. Re-roll to wound as well plus it's a force weapon, this is the point where you have to ask are you feeling lucky, punk. Do you force weapon that monstrous creature or wait and see if it kills you and use heroic sacrifice? I think either way the I.C or monstrous creature is toast, the factor boils down to who the Brotherhood Champion fighting, a standard Librarian or Carnifex.

Now, basic infantry, while the above abilties of heroic sacrifice and rapier strike isn't useful, sword storm will be. Again you send the Brotherhood Champion forward on his tod and charge, you should get about 6 normal size bases around the B.C. The B.C can cast hammerhand and will then need 3+ to hit with re-rolls and 3+ to wound with re-rolls. Tactical Squad will suffer some serious damage. It's a possibility the B.C may take on a horde about 20 models or less in size.

Here's some mathshammer for you:

Brotherhood Champion vs Tactical Marines

6 attacks as 6 enemy models in base contact. 4 hit, +1 extra for re-rolls. With hammerhand 3+ to wound, 3 wound +1 extra for re-rolls. 4 dead Tactical Marines

Tactical Marines attack back with 8 attacks, hit with 4, wound with 2, Brotherhood Champion will fail 0.3 wounds.

Tactical Marines will probably fail morale and lose another Space Marine thanks to fearless saves. That's a total of 5 Marines dead and only half the squad remaining. Next turn the B.C will probably almost finish them off.

Brotherhood Champion vs Infantry Platoon

6 attacks as 6 enemy models in base contact. 4 hit, +1 extra for re-rolls. With hammerhand 2+ to wound, 4 wound +1 extra for re-rolls. 5 dead Guardsmen

In this case I will presume there's no power weapons in the Platoon, though there is a Commissar.

Guardsmen attack back with 22 attacks, hit with 7, wound with 2, Brotherhood Champion has 0.3 chance of failure.

The B.C will continue to kill 5 Guardsmen a turn, which will dramtically cut down the Platoon. Only power weapons would be a slight threat. Chances are slim the Guardsmen will break thanks to the Commissar's LD9 and stubborn rule.

Dis is my turf, bitch!

There's something what reallyannoys peopl about the B.C and that's because he's so ace at contesting objectives. Yes, this guy is the mean machine for stopping enemy troops claiming objectives and it's all very simple. Charge the Brotherhood Champion into a enemy unit holding a objective and just keep using the blade shield power, ho ho ho, 2+/3+ inv with re-rolls, oh yes, this guy is never going to die. Excellent for tarpiting a enemy unit too, can save your own objective from being contested.


As I said at the start, the Brotherhood Champion isn't the don of G.K HQs and I am not trying to say other wise. What I am saying is that this guy has options and choices, the question is do you take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes or take the blue pill and wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe?

The Brotherhood Champion, what's your thoughts on this cheeky flexible chappy?