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6th Ed Primer - Grey Knights

One of the most bad ass codex's in 5th ed 40k, have the changes been kind and are G.K still top dog?

* Preferred enemy (Daemons) - got a boost as this now effects shooting, which is handy as G.K are mostly a shooting army with buckets of psycannon shots and storm bolters. Don't forget re-roll in assault too ;) .


Lord Kaldor Dragio

Still a heavy hitter, though the titansword is now AP3, as it's a unusual force weapon.

Grand strategy can be helpful; hammer of righteousness is now rubbish against daemons, but good against other units - use this on a dakka heavy unit; shield of blades hasn't changed; spear of light got nerfed, as units cannot assault when scouting or outflanking; unyielding anvil hasn't changed.

Psychic communion will be very handy as reserves can come in on a 2+ turn 2 :) .

Grand Master Mordrak

Only biggy change for Mordrak, is the Ghost Knights have stealth, which will stack with shrouding, handy for night fighting. I think Mordrak doesn't have stealth, and only models with the stealth rule benefit.

Brother Captain Stern

No change for Stern, he's still a gimmick unit. I am not sure if anyone even uses this fellow?

Castellan Crowe

Crowe in 5th ed could be a bit lame. But oh boy, things have changed for him..

Firstly is the power weapon change, so mass power weapons are just going to bounce off him, which is good.

Furious charge got nerfed, so units who do charge him won't get the +1 initiative, which means Crowe will still probably strike first as he is I6.

The best bit is, is that Crowe is awesome at challenging other characters. He rends on a 4+, so basic characters i.e squad leaders will be dead before they get to strike back. Against tough I.Cs, he does have heroic sacrifice, so can snipe the enemy I.C in combat.

The only bad side I can see to Crowe is his attacks stance, particularly the blade arc one. See in combat pile in is done in initiative order, as Crowe is a single model, then he can only be in base contact with a single enemy model until the enemy piles in, which will be after because Crowe is I6. The trick to getting around this is Crowe can use blade shield when he charges and can cast cleansing flame to cause some damage. The enemy unit will pile in and then next turn Crowe can do blade arc; huzzah!

Grand Master

Very cool with a psycannon, as psycannon can be AP2 rending, so +1 on the damage table. 4 shots as BS6 is pretty cool.

I would always keep a sword on the G.M, as a hammer is only the better option and will make the G.M I1. The sword not only keeps the nice I5, but makes the G.M 3+ inv in combat; very cool.

Empyrean brain mines are now a very interesting choice thanks to challenges.

Brother Captain

Unless you want a G.M for grand strategy, then take this guy. There really is no other big difference between them.

Brotherhood Champion

Excellent for challenging enemy characters, but that's about it. As mentioned with Crowe above, blade arc will only work on the next assault phase once enemy models have piled in; rapier strike is handy still against enemy I.Cs and of course so is heroic sacrifice. Take brain mines for a good lol.


As with other units who have access to them, brain mines are worth taking if you fancy challenging a enemy character.

Power wise, sanctuary got a slight nerf as models now get a save from dangerous terrain; the shrouding will stack with shrouding USR in night fighting; warp rift got a boost as AP- is no longer affected by the damage chart rolls.

A note on servo skulls, enemy scouts or infiltrators cannot setup within 12" of a servo skull. As scout got nerfed (models can only move 12" or 6") you can effectively box up enemy units in their deployment zone with good deployment of servo skulls. The skulls also got that bit better, as blast templates just need to touch a vehicle and cause some pain, so blast templates won't scatter so much with these bad boys about.

Inquisitor Coteaz

Got slightly better as power weapons cannot chop him up in assault before he strikes. Hammer also does +1 on the damage table. That's about it for Coteaz.

Inquisitor Karamazov

The chair-man got a little bit better as multi melta gets +2 on the damage table, and while the orbital strike scatters (unless is targeted on friendly unit), at least it only needs to land on something to cause damage.

As the model is a pretty decent size, cover is now easier to get, as only 25% is needed.

He did get a nerf with the power sword though; cannot have it all I guess.

Inquisitor Valeria

The funky dagger got nerfed as only AP3 now.

Hyperzone maze is pretty cool in a challenge, but it's a pity is it one use :(.


Malleus - got pretty cool in terminator armour, with a psycannon and daemon hammer - only needs to worry about power fists etc in close combat; hellrifle is slightly better as gets precision shot rule; take brain mines if you're taking termie armour, smash a character in combat :); exellent for psychic communion. 

Hereticus - the psyocculum is probably going to be handy with more psykers about.

Xenos - conversion beamer got a lot better thanks to blast changes, especially when 48" away; the plasma syphon is probably going to see some use, as plasma is going to be fashion again; rad and psychotroke grenades are still handy.



Very expensive for what you get.

The standard power weapon got a nerf, though the servo harness says no armour saves, so smashy smashy.

Conversion beamer got awesome, tag team it with servo skulls to reduce scatter, though just hope your skulls haven't run off at this point. Very handy for first turn shooting at least.

The orbital strike relay got slightly better, as it only needs to touch a vehicle and it is full strength.

Purifier Squad

The only nerf these guys got is that force weapons become AP3. That's the only bad stuff...

Fearless means these guys do not take wounds if they lose combat, yay!

Hammers are cheap for these guys and got slightly better as +1 on the damage table.

Warding stave is still expensive, but how wound allocation works in combat (owning player allocates wounds on closest models in base to base), means you keep rolling saves all day long.

Venerable Dreadnought

The Venerable was always a steep buy, but things haven't gone in its favour. Thanks to damage changes against vehicles, the Venerable has become diluted. Now the Venerable can only request re-rolls against penetrating hits. Like any other vehicle, the Venerable can be glanced to death and re-rolls won't do jack.

Paladin Squad

Thanks to wound allocation, these guys got bad ass.

Add a Apothecary and plasma wounds are going to get stopped a lot easier.

Also, don't forget that each Paladin is a character, so they can do look out, sir! on each other and also issue/accept challenges.


* Move through cover means these guys ignore dangerous terrain. Feel no pain got better for these guys, as they can ignore anything which isn't instagib. And fleet got nerfed, as they cannot run and assault.

Callidus - power weapon got nerfed to AP3, rest remained the same.
Eversor - got buff for this guy; melta bombs are AP1.
Culexus - AP1 is going to wreck vehicles.
Vindicare - only difference for this guy is AP1; +2 on the damage chart.

Inquisitorial Henchmen

Arco Flagellant - feel no pain got changed, but this guy is still poo.

Banisher - AP2 means smashy smashy terminator armour and vehicles.

Crusader - got a nerf thanks to the power weapon change, or you could give them axes :).

Daemonhost - feel no pain got changed, while fleet got nerfed; it's not like you see these about anyway.

Death Cult Assassin - got nerfed thanks to power weapon changes. Add axes?

Servitor - might be more appealing for cheap plasma cannons, could make a cheap static unit. Multi meltas snap firing from Chimeras?

Jokaero Weaponsmith - lascannon and multi melta got more beefy. I still think the customisation is still too random.

Mystic - may see more of these in Coteaz armies supported with deep striking Paladins.

Psyker - that AP2 or AP1 is going to trash heavy infantry or vehicles. Can also swap their power too.

Warrior Acolyte - still a basic Guardsmen with standard weapon choices, expect to see these with plasma guns.


Terminator Squad

Slightly more survivable in combat; though shooting is still the way to kill these guys. Expect to see more daemon hammers, as halberds are effected by lash/whip coil and are also AP3.

Note that Justicar Thawn maybe handy for some psychic power shenanigans.

Strike Squad

Unfortunately got a all round nerf. Yes, you know about the force weapons. Warp quake isn't so effective, as deep strike mishap isn't so risky any more. I would only expect to see these guys as a cheap scoring unit in a pure G.K list, if not Purifiers or pure Terminators are the way forward.


Rhino - slightly nerfed as infantry cannot assault out. Good times that vehicles can move further (6" flat out in shooting phase), plus infantry can snap fire inside if the vehicle moves 6". Oh, infantry inside can overwatch as well.

Razorback - worth taking a storm bolter now for the random weapon destroyed results.

Chimera - slightly nerfed, as previously, four good glancing hits were needed to take out a Chimera; now it's only three. On the plus side, it can move faster, infantry can snap fire out if the vehicle moves 12" and the Chimera can move 6" and snap fire one weapon or move 12" and snap fire both. Maybe expect to see more heavy bolters.

Fast Attack

Stormraven Gunship

Became a serious tough piece of work, in fact I think it's the toughest flyer in 40k. 6+ to hit shooting (unless skyfire rule), av12 all around, 5+ jink if evades and no melta 2D6; this flyer is badass. Take multi melta and lascannon, it then can tackle other vehicles, including flyers. Don't bother too much with anti infantry, all G.K units can do that with mass storm bolters.

Another plus point is that deep strike got less risky for it, and speaking of deep strike, shadow skies means less risk for units bailing out and taking dangerous terrain tests (models now get armour saves).

Interceptor Squad

Hammer of wrath and re-rolling assault distances are a nice bonus for them. In the scouring mission these guys can score, very handy with the 30" teleport move.

Heavy Support

Purgation Squad

These guys with psycannons are pretty badass, considering that AP2 is +1 on the damage chart. They still give cover save (astral aim), which is fair enough, but on a plus side this save cannot be modified, so no stealth or shrouding from night fighting.


Expect to see heavy support maxed out with these guys. The popular dual autocannon Dreadnought will still reign supreme, it's G.K answer to anti air support.

Nemesis Dreadknight

Like anything with 2+ save, it got more survivable in combat, though I wouldn't have thought much power weapons would be hacking this up. Like Terminators, it's going to be plasma which is going to reduce this to bacon.

On a bonus side, the teleporter homer makes the Dreadknight jump infantry, so I cannot see why you cannot have a flying Dreadknight doing vector strikes :) .

Now with smash rule, expect to see the hammer and maybe fists a bit less, and see the sword for re-rolls to hit.

Oh, 25% cover for this bad boy now. Yes I know cover is mostly 5+, but if you play with loads of ruins (like I do) then this guy is going to get 4+ very easily.

Land Raider (all variants)

Basic Land Raider got more deadly with lascannons and pintle multi melta. Assault cannon on the Redeemer and Crusader got slightly better thanks to rending.

Unfortunately meltaguns are still going to wreck these :(, but at least they have four hull points to take the pain.

How are the Grey Knight players finding their armies are faring in 6th ed? The G.K still top dogs, or they taken a blow?