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Power Lists, Flyers, Fortifications

I had a chance to walk through the NOVA Open this past weekend.  As expected there were quite the collection of Necron Scythe lists --at least 9 that I counted-- and more than a sprinkling of Dakka Jets, Valkyrie/Vendettas, and Aegis Defense Lines.  So interestingly, the lists that finished in Top 2 were as follows:

via Dakka:
Space Wolves w/ Imperial Guard
5x Grey Hunter squads, 3x10 w/ 2x Plasma, 1x10 w/ 2x Melta. All wolf standard and each lead by a PF
Wolf Guard Terminator, and 1x5 with just flamer
2x Lone Wolves w/ Chainfist & storm shield
Primaris Psyker
5 man PCS w/ no upgrades
50 man Blob Squad w/ 5x Power Axes & meltabombs
2x5 Long Fangs with 4 missiles each

Necrons w/ Grey Knights
Lord - MSS, WS
Harbinger of Despair - VoD
Overlord - WS, MSS, Phase Shifter on a CCB
Harbinger of Storm - lightning field
10x Gauss Immortals
6x Wraiths 2x coils
2x Spyders - Gloom Prism
2x Spyders - Gloom Prism
Xenos Inquisitor
5x Strike Squad psy cannon, demon hammer
Nemesis Dreadknight Heavy Incinerator, Teleporter

The first comment you would hear on the boards if you posted this list would be "Where is the anti-air???"
Note: Is there Skyfire available in the lists?  I'm not an expert with these armies.

Since I didn't have first-hand experience to see these lists in action or see how individuals used the "power" flyer lists, jumping to conclusions in a vacuum is faulty.  Maybe these guys had good draws and didn't see too many flyers.  Maybe they are leaps and bounds better generals able to overcome anything.  Maybe the Victory Points style of the tournament suited the lists more so than regular missions.   Maybe finishes 3-10 are all flyer lists.

If someone would have listed out every submitted army for NOVA (and without knowing who ran each list), would you have thought these were going to be at the top?  To me, in the era of "Flyers are King", it just reinforces there is so much more to the game than List-hammering.

I know there were some of you readers that played in the tournament.  What are your thoughts?