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Army Lists: Chaos Space Marines 'Foot Horde' - 2,000 points

Another day and another CSM list.

People seem to think in 6th that mass Rhino lists are not viable, yes I am talking to all your haters who do not like my Rhino list :P. So, going for something different today, a foot list :).

Now I still have my doubts about foot lists at the moment. They seem to lack mobility and armour protection. But I guess they are the rage, so whatever floats your boat.

Meat & 'Tatoes

In a foot list two things spring to mind; Cultists and Dark Apostle. These two units just go hand in hand so well.

The Dark Apostle only has two wounds, which isn't bad. The problem is CSM characters have to issue a challenge, so I want the Apostle to be pretty beefy and be able to take a hit. At bare bones I'll take a MoT - this will give the Apostle a 3+ inv save :). I'll also throw on a gift of mutation, which the Apostle can re-roll.

Jumping straight to Cultists. These guys are basically Guardsmen, but thanks to the Apostle they are fearless and have hatred (thanks to zealot), hatred will be handy in combat as they can drag things down with weight of attacks, 3 each on the charge. A unit of 30 of these guys is going to cost 130 points, very very cheap. I'll think about adding marks on them in a bit, maybe mark of khorne, but will see.

Just so I've got a legal list, I will take a unit of 20 Chaos Space Marines with dual plasma guns. I don't think I will need 20 and maybe drop it down to 15.

Extra Trimmings

Now we have a suitable core it is time to add something with some power. Havocs spring to mind, and as much as I like them, I am going to add Obliterators this time so everything isn't the same in every list I write ;) . I will take three units of two. This will give the list a bit of ranged fire power.

Some extra close combat will help, but the list needs more dakka too. What about a unit of 10 Chosen with quad plasma guns? Sod it, make it two units for extra dakka.

Ok, some serious combat. A unit of 5 Chaos Terminators all with lightning claws with MoS and IoE should be cool. They are I5, have 4 attacks on the charge and also feel no pain; evil! Yes, I know they cannot deal with loyalist Terminators, but that's what the plasma is there for ;).

Onion Gravy

The list is pretty ground based at the moment and has nothing which can really deal with flyers. Queue two Heldrakes.

Also, it is pretty low on troops. So I'll add another unit of 20 Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Space Marines 'Foot Horde' - 2,000 points


Dark Apostle - gift of mutation & mark of tzeentch


10 x Chosen - 4 x plasma guns
10 x Chosen - 4 x plasma guns
5 x Chaos Terminators - 5 x pairs of lightning claws, mark of slaanesh & icon of excess


30 x Chaos Cultists
15 x Chaos Space Marines - 2 x plasma guns
15 x Chaos Space Marines - 2 x plasma guns

Fast Attack


Heavy Support

2 x Obliterators
2 x Obliterators
2 x Obliterators

Total: 2,012


List has 92 infantry models, that's quite a lot of 3+ armour saves! It is packing 12 plasma guns from the normal troops and whatever the Obliterators can bring.


Ok, note the list is 12 points over. I am sure the loss of a couple of Cultists can sort that out.

You can place the 2+ armour save units at the front, they can absorb fire power or place the Cultists are the front and protect those more vulnerable units.

Basically the entire list moves forward unleashing dakka; Oblits use lascannons, then switch to multi meltas, then plasma cannons could be a option once transports are busted open. If serious armour is around then deep strike them. Once you're close enough, go on a mad 'un and assault; you really want those Cultists in there as they have 3 attacks each on the charge and are re-rolling to hit ;).

Terminators I would more than likely deep strike. You do not want them foot slogging really as they are easy to pick off with low AP weaponry. Get them to deep strike and assault camping units i.e Long Fangs smaller weaker units which they can easily chop up.

Heldrake of course is anti flyer, again I have played with one, but I am not sure on the hades or flamer. I think I would take hades in this case as it gives the list a bit of punch and your own chaos horde is anti horde.

Ok, guys, hit me up, is this a fair 6th ed list or will it get stomped flat? What you run this list or anything like it?