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Discussion: old models used in 40k?

How do you guys feel about using older models in 40k?

Personally, I do not like old models. In fact I have a intense dislike for them. I guess this is because I've only been 40k active for the last 5 years and never owned anything 40k prior to that. The only time I saw models was either in White Dwarf in my local newsagent or in G.W shop windows. I guess I never got attached to the older style models.

The above is about looks though and my own opinion. But what about actually using the models in game? Well I don't really care if someone uses older models or newer models. At the end of the day those models belong to that person and it is their cash what they are spending. If someone likes older models, then that's cool, after all model aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder; some current models some people may not like. I am not that guy who says I won't play someone because they are using old models.

But then there's a darker side to using older models and perhaps a little sneaky? The image above are some old Space Marine Scout models. The Scouts haven't really changed size compared to current models and it is only design wise they are different. But what about when you get the old Keeper of Secrets model?

As you can see the new model and old model are quite different. I know it is difficult to compare them size wise, but believe me, they are different by a fair scale. I believe the old model is on a 40mm base and is about as taller up to the current Keeper's chest.

In this situation is it fair that people use the older model? After all, if the model is smaller, than it can gain advantages from LOS etc. On the other hand you cannot tell people to use the current model. It's their cash and whatever appeals to them. I guess in tournaments you could enforce current models.

On the other hand you can also get a negative from older models. The above older Keeper is on a lot smaller base, which means it cannot engage as many models, which is important as causalities are taken from the front in close combat.

As I said above, I am not going to say to someone that they cannot use a older model. I am really not fussed and have no issue about it. I'll just roll with it, but I will admit, a tiny Keeper of Secrets getting cover easily is slightly annoying, but I'll still roll with it and deal with it.

What's your opinion peeps? Do you think older models are cool and funky or do you think they should be outlawed and current models should be used in interest of fairness? Or don't you just plain care either way as long as you get to play some 40k?