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CSM codex - all it has cracked up to be?

The Chaos Space Marine codex has been out sometime now (over a month?) and people have now become adjusted to it and made up their minds about it.

I think people were expecting something mega evil (see what I did there?) because Phil Kelly was writing it and a lot of the previous codexes have been top banana.

Now the dust has settled is the book all it is cracked up to be?

I can say from my personal opinion that no it isn't. I think a lot of people including myself had high expectations mainly because of the above reasons. The CSM book isn't a bad book, it is just balanced and I would say on par with the Space Marine book. There are some very nice units in the codex and as always some boo-boos. There's nothing which screams out mega powerful etc like in other books. I guess people were just expecting more.

I have to admit though, I feel that the new codex is just the old codex in a fancy dress with a few new additions and that's it. I think it is the same power level as before. After all it is not like CSM were mega shite, sure they was boring, but the old Lash-Prince with Oblits spam worked very nicely. Also triple monstrous creatures backed up by loads of Rhinos was sweet.

The problem I see is if all future codexes go along the line of CSM in power level then you will have half codexes very powerful and the rest about the same. I think the D.A codex will make or break the CSM codex, it will be interesting to see how that turns up. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if it turns out to be an ultra powerful codex.

So what can the codex do?

You can do tasty foot lists if that's your bag. Something with Crapists (Cultists - sorry I do not think they are much cop), Dark Apostle, Chaos Lord, units of CSM, Maulerfiends, Spawn etc. Here is a version of that list: Chaos Space Marines 'Foot-Salt' - 2,000 points

There's two cool cult lists that you could run; Nurgle style on foot with Bikers and a wicked Noise Marine list with Sorcerers. Here is the foot nurgle list: Chaos Space Marines 'Foot-Nurgle' - 2,000 points

Then you have your old skool mech with plenty of Rhinos etc with spice of Heldrakes and other Daemon Engines.

If pure CSM isn't your back then consider allies. Imperial Guard would go nicely for a traitor force, a nice blob for having a foot hold on the table and a sweet Vendetta for additional air support.

In summary the CSM codex isn't all it is cracked up to be (this is my personal opinion only), but it is not a bad book. I think it is mid-range power level, about the same as the Space Marine codex more or less. I actually think it is about time that the silly powerful books are wiped out. I know I play these books, but I raise my eyebrows in shock at a lot of things - except Necrons because they are cool and I love 'dem to bits :)

What do you think of the Chaos Space Marine codex? Do you think it is just as pale as the original and in a fancy dress and high heels or do you think it is rocking like a mean mother jammer?