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Tactica: Chaos Daemons - HQ part 2

Finally I've got round to doing tactica part 2 for Daemons HQ. Yeah I know, I am a sod for not doing it sooner. To refresh your memory here's the first part: Tactica: Chaos Daemons - HQ part 1

In part 1 we only saw the big guys, the Greater Daemons. While big gribbly monsters are cool, little annoying monsters are sweet too!

Herald of Khorne

Ah, the little angry guy. This fella weighs in at 70 points (most expensive Herald) and is the most choppiest with WS6 BS3 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 LD10 5+ inv.

Standard wargear is a hellblade which is a power weapon. Only special rule worth mentioning is furious charge, which as we all know got gimped in 6th - so no more I6 HoK (Herald of Khorne) when charging. At least the Herald is still S5 choppy though.

You can make the HoK a whole lot beefier by taking a Juggernaut or a Chariot. Both give increases to strength, toughness, wounds (chariot gives +2 wounds) and attack along with iron hide gift (3+ armour save).  Now for some reason the Juggernaut is 35 points while a Chariot is 15 points, yet both give the same benefits except the Chariot gives an additional 2 wounds. Am I missing something here? The chariot just looks a no brainer over the Juggernaut.

You can take blessing of the blood which gives a 2+ save inv against wounds caused by psychic powers or force weapons. For 5 points this is well worth it.

Death strike is a shooting attack (think a plasma shot), though for 15 points I would leave this at home as the HoK has a 50/50 chance to hit.

Fury of Khorne would have been an ideal gift if it was cheaper. Basically it gives the rending rule, which is part useless as the HoK has a power weapon. It's only useful when against vehicles, but most vehicles are rear armour 10 anyway so it is unlikely to come in use. I would leave this at home.

As mentioned above, iron hide gives 3+ armour save. This costs 15 points, which you may as well for the chariot considering it gives iron hide and you get loads of other benefits too.


Throw the little red guy on a chariot and give blessing of the blood god and unholy strength.

Move about with Juggernauts if you like, though this dude would be better going one on one with weaker small units such as combat squads or Guardsmen. Would be alright for challenges too considering is T5 and swinging with a S6 power weapon. Remember, you can model that hellblade as an axe and have AP2 and be S7, ho ho ho :).

Herald of Tzeentch

The Herald of Tzeentch is a personal favourite of mine (I run three) and is a very cool and shooty customer. The HoT is 50 points base cost, basically you get a weaker Herald of Khorne whose crap in combat but better and shooting and has a 4+ inv.

The HoT comes with daemonic gaze, this is an assault 3 S5 AP3 18" weapon, handy for killing a few power armoured foes.

To make the HoT more mobile you can take a chariot or disc for 15 points.

A disc gives an additional attack (pretty rubbish for something poor in combat) and changes the infantry type to jump, this is handy to go with Flamers and do look out, sir tricks.

I personally favour the chariot; this bad bay gives +2 attacks, +1 toughness, +3 wounds and changes the infantry type to jetbike. The Herald also gains the furious charge rule though loses the I.C rule. Ok, f.c isn't that awesome on something rubbish in combat, but it can be useful sometimes, it is better to charge than be charged. On a chariot the HoT is just purely annoying; if it scatters it can easily get in the fight by turbo boosting, the Herald is highly mobile and difficult to take down thanks to 5 wounds at T4.

We are legion and mastery of sorcery are must takes for a Herald. We are legion allows the Herald to split fire while master of sorcery allows the Herald to fire an additional weapon, so in this case fire two weapons. Do not leave home without these upgrades.

Soul devourer works in close combat and causes instant death if an enemy model suffers an unsaved wound. I would give this a miss as the HoT shouldn't be in combat unless desperate.

Bolt of Tzeentch is a 24" SP AP1 shot, excellent for anti tank, though expensive.

Breath of Chaos is the nasty flamer template which wounds on a 4+ with no armour saves or glances vehicles on a 4+. Very expensive for a Herald, who is going to want to be in assault. I would leave this at home and leave the burning to the true masters, Flamers of Tzeentch.

Boon of Mutation can be handy, basically you can snipe an enemy model and that model must take a toughness test. If it fails then the mode morphs into a Chaos Spawn!


As the Herald of Tzeentch can only take three daemonic gifts (we are legion and master of sorcery are two you should take straight away) (all Heralds can by the way), you really have a choice of breath of chaos or bolt of tzeentch. Now I would leave the breath of chaos if you're running Flamers, which no doubt you will be. So the bolt will probably win out, plus Daemons could do with that bit of range and AP1 goodness.

I prefer the Herald on a chariot, screaming about like a jetbike with 5 wounds is pretty evil. Of course you could go disc and jump about with the Flamers, but I wouldn't fancy my shooty Herald getting blasted to bits or bogged down in combat.

The best bit about the chariot is if you mishap and end up being some where you do not want to be, you just turbo boost and get into position.

Herald of Nurgle

The Herald of Nurgle is like a weakened HoK, not as good in combat, but tougher and slower. Costs only 50 points.

Daemonic gift is a plaguesword (poisoned wounds on a 4+) slow and purposeful and also feel no pain.

The palanquin is like Nurgle's version of a chariot, basically a chair for a lazy filth Daemon. It gives an extra wound and attack, for 15 points I do not think you can complain.

Noxious touch allows the HoN to wound on a 2+.

Cloud of flies gives assault and defensive grenades. Defensive grenades are always useful but assault grenades won't help much when you're I3. Only 5 points, so not a loss if you do take this daemonic gift.

Aura of decay is utter rubbish so lets just leave that as that.

Breath of Chaos as mentioned as above.

Unholy might gives +1 strength, if you have 10 points spare then take it. If not just take noxious touch. Only thing unholy strength is going to do is let you re-roll to wound against T5 enemy models.


For a start I would arm this dirty fellow with noxious touch and cloud of flies. Breath of chaos is very nice and should win over unholy might.

I'll be honest though, the Herald of Nurgle is probably the worst Herald you can have as Tzeentch does shooting better and Khorne and Slaanesh are better at combat.

All you can do with this dude is stick him with a unit of Plaguebearers and assault units, though not before a good blast of breath of chaos :).

Herald of Slaanesh

The Herald of Slaanesh is like a junior Herald of Khorne rolled in with a Herald of Slaanesh with a super initiative 7. This is all yours for 50 points.

Standard daemonic gifts are rending claws and aura of acquiescence, this give assault and defensive grenades.

Both the chariot and mount are 15 points and offer some nice benefits, though the chariot easily wins out on this one. Sure you lose the I.C rule but you gain furious charge, which is handy for the HoS.

Transfixing gaze is a great little daemonic gift for 5 points. It reduces a enemy models attacks down to 1, very snazzy.

Soporific musk gives hit and run rule, very handy.

Pavane of Slaanesh is nice, but I'd probably give this one second thoughts as the Herald only has 50/50 chance of hitting.

Daemonic gaze I would leave at home considering the Heralds ballistic skill.

Unholy might (gives +1 strength) is nice for 10 points and handy for a close combat unit like the Herald of Slaanesh.


I would always give the Herald of Slaanesh unholy strength for a start, it's great for 10 points and S4 is that little bit better than S3. Transfixing gaze is only 5 points so why not throw that on as well.

Soporific musk is nice, I would take that too, however it gets even more nice depending if you take a chariot or mount.

Personally I would always take a chariot as the benefits are just wicked, but you can shoehorn the Herald into units depending on what you take if you take the mount. In this case I would throw the HoS on a mount and throw into a unit of Fiends of Slaanesh or even a unit of Seekers. As mentioned above, soporific musk gives hit and run and this will benefit to the unit - hit and run Seekers? Oh behave, baby :).

That's the little Daemons done and dusted. There isn't a huge amount to them really and they are just 'point and click' units. If you're using any of these then let me hear it in the comment box.