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Tactica: Space Wolves HQ's Part 2

Hiya! It's Rune here again with another entry for the Space Wolves: Codex Tactica!
In Part 1 we took a look at the Rune Priest and different ways of running him with wargear and playstyles. This Time around i was thinking i'd do a decent look at the The Wolf Priest!

The Wolf Priest:

So this fella here is the equivalent of a Space Marine Chaplain. Most people don't really like to field this guy in a space wolves army, and in a competitive environment i can understand why that is so, usually because the rune priest gives you more for your points. Although, sometimes he can really surprise yourself and your opponent. *We like surprises, don't we?* he...he...he...he...

However! However I Say! The Wolf Priest is a great addition as a second HQ choice that you can put up front with some of your other units. For Instance, Grey Hunters, Blood Claws, Skyclaws, Swiftclaws and so on. I myself like to run this guy when i want to have a really fun game for my part, it usually isn't worth it in tournaments and such, but hey, who cares? For me, not having any super competitive players or tournaments around where i live, i tend to go with whatever i want to try out.

Although this started out a bit bleak, I am not going to shove this characterful HQ choice under the chair to be stomped upon by a little child on a sugar rush. With all that said i'll go through the wolf priests options like i did with the Rune Priest, but if you are looking for a super competitive way of fielding him, you most likely will not find it here (i'm already guessing you already knew that).


The Wolf Priest comes beefed up with a Bolt Pistol, Power armour, Frags and Kraks, Wolf Amulet( 4+ invul save), Fang Of Morkai(gives fearless to the rest of the squad, although this is 6th Edition so it doesn't change anything) and a Crozius Arcanum(Power Maul, S6, AP4).

The Special Rules for the Wolf Priest is Fearless and  Oath of War (Gives Prefferred Enemy Against Either Infantry Or MC's)

As you can see, it's a chaplain, i don't know why people keep mixing up the Rune Priest and the Wolf Priest, but still they do...

Let's take a look at what options we have for the Wolf Priest in the wargear section!

Runic Armour: Artificier armor , 2+ Armor Save. It's always nice, and for 20 points i would take it if he was my warlord, otherwise, i'd just stick with regular power armour.

Terminator Armour: Well, if not with any wolfguard i don't really see the point, because of transport problems unless you have a land raider. For 20 points it's a good buy though i'll admit.

Boltgun: Well, you lose one attack in close combat, for one extra bolter shot at 12 inches. Not Really an option in my book.

Combi-Flamer, -Melta, -Plasma: This is where it's at for me! for 10 points i usually end up with a Combi-Plasma so i can soften up a unit before i charge in, or just to help shave of a hullpoint or 2.

Plasma Pistol: Again, for 15 pts. it's not worth it since you usually end up shooting it once or twice.

Storm Bolter: Well, can't say i ever tried, it just doesn't appeal to me. It's not bad, but usually won't make much of a difference. 3 Pts.

Jump Pack: However much i like the "JumpPlain", there simply isn't a very good place to put him when it comes to the Space Wolves Codex. Therefore, i'd say it's a nono for me, besides it's 25 points you might need elsewhere.

Space Marine Bike: 35 Pts. It is altogether a better option than the jump pack considering it gives your Wolf Priest T5, Great mobility and also has a pretty decent unit he can attach to. If you want to have Swiftclaws in your army, i'd say either this fella or the Rune Priest is your guy if it's going to be an IC leading them.

Saga of The Beastslayer: Re-Rolling against T5 and higher models, Walkers and MC's is good. But he Already has Preferred Enemy, which then makes this sort of redundant.

Saga of the Hunter: I actually like this option. It gives the Wolf Priest the Outflank and Stealth USR's. I'll go into details later what makes this a great option.

Saga of the Warriorborn: Warriorborn just gives you extra attacks equal to the amount of slain models in the previous round. 35 points you say? Skip the puff and move straight to the Pass!

Saga Of The Wolfkin: Makes all Fenrisian wolves have I5 and Ld7. Well, i wouldn't field much FenWolves to begin with, not a really big fan of them either as points are better spent elsewhere. Personal taste i'd say.

Wolftail Talisman: 5+ defence against psychic power effects, for 5pts it's pretty good, but not a must. This i'd leave up to each player depending on local meta.

Wolftooth Necklace: Always hits on a 3+ in close combat. 10 Pts. Well, you do have WS 5, so usually you will be hitting at something with a lower WS than you.

Melta Bomb: 5Pt.. I like to take it, MC's could eat this one and vehicles can be taken care of up close.

Afzher Reviewing Zhe Opschunz!

Well, now that we've come this far, i guess it's time to present you with a few options that i have rolled with in previous games.

Wolf Priest #1:

Wargear: Crozius Arcanum, Wolf Amulet, Fang Of Morkai, Power Armour, Combi-Plasma, Frags and Kraks, Saga Of The Hunter, Melta Bomb 125 Pts.

This is one of my favorite ways of fielding the Wolf Priest. As I pointed out in the wargear section above Saga Of The Hunter gives Outflanking and stealth. So you could imagine a 10 man strong Grey Hunter Squad with 2 special weapons, 1 Wolf guard with a combi weapon, and the Wolf Priest, Also with a combi-weapon; All of them Outflanking, stealthy, fearless and angry SoB's with Preferred enemy, Counter Charge, Acute Senses(re-roll outflanking) and re-rolls from a Wolf Standard. If you choose Plasma, then get into Rapid Fire Range and shoot them bastards down.

This won't be a sure game winner, but it's funny as hell seeing the surprised look of your opponent when you tell him that you hit with up to 8 plasmashots, and a fair amount of bolter shells. If this doesn't kill your opponent, you don't really have to worry all that much about being assaulted the next turn by almost anything, because you also have Counter Charge. I'd surely think twice about it as well.

Wolf Priest #2:

Wargear: Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Amulet, Fang Of Morkai, Power Armour, Frags and Kraks, Space Marine Bike, Melta Bomb. 140 Pts.

This is my standard chaplain on a bike, nothing much to say about him really. T5 and great mobility, Fits nicely with a pack of swiftclaws, but other armies do bikes better than space wolves so i wouldn't really recommend this one.

Wolf Priest #3:

Wargear: Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Amulet, Fang Of Morkai, Power Armour, Frags and Kraks, Jump Pack. 125 Pts.

This isn't really a very good option since the only thing you'd attach him to would be skyclaws... Yeah, skyclaws ain't really any good because of their WS3 and BS3. There are better things to spend your hard earned points on. If you really want to field some assault marines, then get them from an allied detachment instead.

Wolf Priest #4:

Wargear: Crozius Arcanum, Storm Bolter, Wolf Amulet, Fang Of Morkai, Terminator Armour. 120 Pts

This guy could alternatively lead your Wolf guard or run up front soaking wounds. The sound of Fearless Terminators with preferred enemy gives of a nice ring to it, but it quickly ends up being a deathstar unit that will chew through 500 Pts easily. Terminators are good, don't get me wrong, but in the Space Wolves Codex; They quickly become expensive.

Well, that's all for this time people, i hope it wasn't all a waste of your time.

Until next time.

Anyone who would like to share their own experiences with the Wolf Priest? I certainly would like to hear it :)