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Dark Angels codex - what the?

I've finally managed to get my mits on the Dark Angel codex and I have got to say I am shocked at some of the crazy stuff going on. Ok, I know I am one to talk as I use some codices which have a few eyebrow raising rules, but the D.A stuff looks pretty over powered. I guess I am perhaps even more disappointed because I had hoped that the D.A codex would be on the same power level as the CSM codex, unfortunately I am so wrong.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice an aging codex is given an update (though a lot more need it before D.A i.e Eldar and Tau), but shouldn't all codices be at the same power level or at least be as powerful as the previous codex?

Here's some of the things I am talking about:

Dark Angel units get the grim resolve (stubborn special rule and cannot auto fail morale checks) special rule and inner circle (fearless and preferred enemy: CSM) special rules. This is in addition to ATSKF and combat squads. I will point out and say not all models get both these new rules.

Land Raiders can have the deathwing vehicle rule which gives preferred enemy: CSM and gives them venerable, so yeah, re-roll the damage results on an av14 vehicle can you..

Deathwing can split fire and also when they deep strike their guns are twin-linked. In addition Deathwing can auto deep strike on turn 1 or turn 2.

Deathwing Knights are pretty cheap considering their weapons get better AP when against CSM. Also they get the fortress of shields rule, which if they are touching at least two models with the same rule they get +1 toughness, so yeah, when they deep strike...oh, they all have precision strike as well.

Ravenwing Bikers get scouts, hit and run and grim resolve and cost only 10 points more than  CSM bikers.  The unit also includes an Attack Bike, which can split off and be a single unit. Yup, work that one out..

Nephilm Fighter can chose to treat weapon destroyed results as immobilised when firing at enemy vehicles. Though it does cost 180 points...

Tacticals can take a special weapon or heavy weapon in units of 5. They also cost 14 points a pop, that's 2 points more than CSM and the Tacticals get ATSKNF, combat squads and grim resolve (stubborn).

I think that's about it and what stands out for me. Sorry for sounding like a moaning nelly, but I had high hopes that the D.A codex would be on balance with the CSM codex. I cannot say I am surprised that it's not. Don't get me wrong, all codices should have something cool and funky, but it should be balanced and costed correctly.

Over the next few days I will be doing a review of the D.A codex and then will do a side by side comparsion of the D.A codex and CSM codex. The point of the comparsion will be to compare the two recent new breeds of codices and see how they look against each other, should be interesting!

What are your thoughts on the new D.A codex? Do you think it has some eyebrow raising rules or is it pretty balanced? Have you say in the comment section.