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Mysterious terrain - you use it?

Ok 40k fans, that is a Fantasy model image. I know it's not future gothic, but it is still gothic and still some wicked eye candy.

Now that's out of the way I was wondering if anyone has or does use mysterious terrain?

Where I play no one plays it, and I can see why. It's the sheer randomness which has everyone out with the scarers on. I guess 40k players do not like randomness and like certainty instead.

Personally I am not a fan of mysterious terrain. I like to move about the board with clear intentions in mind and knowing what something does. I know you could agree with a player what mysterious terrain could be, that's something I wouldn't mind, though people still don't seem to bother.

On the other hand I do like battlefield debris. Maybe it is just me, I like urban stuff more than natural stuff. But I can see battlefield debris adding more indepth to a game instead of just 'this is just a wall' or this is 'just a 4+ cover'. I think things under battlefield debris such as ammunition dump, comms relay, fuel reserve and many others are very interesting elements and bring something new and different to a game of 40k.

Then you've got the archeotech artefacts. I admit I've only glanced these in the past and not paid much attention to them. I've had a look and some of them are interesting, like the mysterious terrain, however it is random. I guess like mysterious terrain you could just agree an artefact is just a certain type and that's it.

I think in the near future I am going to make some battlefield debris markers for my board. I have been thinking of adding small parts of terrain, but I feel it may jam up the board so to speak. Small debris will give the board some character and make the game more interesting with parts of the board offering benefits i.e gun implacement or ammo dump etc.

What do you guys think of the new terrain rules in 40k, do you use battlefield debris, mysterious terrain or anything else of do you just forget about it?