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30k vs 40k?

Many are aware of Forge Worlds most recent massive project of providing rules and models for the Horus Heresy. I always was indifferent to it...until I actually read the rules! They are fun, competitive, fluffy, and (gasp!) they are actually well-written. If it's one thing that has always bugged me with 40k is that the rules are pretty terribly written sometimes. For example, at the tournament I attended this past weekend I found out that RAW lets vehicles man quad was stupid! Whereas in 30k things are made competitive(ie, the Predator's autocannon is 4 shot) but can also quickly add up in points( Horus costs 500!). The rules in 30k are very clear and I hope that GW can learn from FW in this area.

Back to the subject, I personally am now a total fan of 30k, but there are still two main problems with 30k...

1. Cost

This is always something brought up, usually in the same sentence, when Forge World is mentioned. They're cost is high($115 for 3 jetbikes?!). This reason alone is enough to make most people avoid FW armies.

2. Trouble finding games

Related to the first in that not alot of people play 30k, meaning some people don't play for lack of potential opponents.

With these in mind I understand why not alot of people play 30k, but I want to try and convert my CSM into 30k CSM, and use them for both 30k and 40k. That solves problem one. As for problem two...I think a simple route would be play against friends in a 30k vs 40k game, tho FW said that 30k rules were not meant to interact well with 40k as they are two different games.

So what would you guys reccomend? Do you any of you play 30k?