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Army Lists: Chaos Space Marines 'Emperor's Children' - 2,000 points

I've always had a boner for Emperor's Children; they are my second favourite legion, Iron Warriors been my first ;) . I think it's the cool colour combination of purple, pink, gold and black which does it for me. Plus if you want some serious fucked up mutated Space Marines, then E.C are your boys! Add that they have loads of custom/conversion prospects too!

Ok, so an E.C army really needs Noise Marines and in order to take these as troops I am going to need a Chaos Lord with mark of slaanesh, but damn that mark is expensive just for a +1 initiative increase! Needs must I guess, so I'll add this guy on a bike (as bikes fit E.C theme - thrill of speed) and throw in a lightning claw and signil of corruption.

The Chaos Lord is going to need some support, so in come a unit of Chaos Bikers with double meltaguns, MoS and icon of excess - that feel no pain should be funky, though is expensive.

Back to troops then; six units of five Noise Marines with a Rhino and blastmaster should do the job. Got to admit that I think Noise Marines are still expensive for a +1 intiative CSM along with fearless and also 30 points for a blastmaster is just scandalous.

Now all good lists need cheap objective holding units while everything else lays down the hurt; Cultists. But in order to use Cultists I need to go double FoC, so I like to a Sorcerer with MoS, which if you get the symphony of pain power, then you're having a laugh.

To compliment the ranged fire power from the Noise Marines I'll add dual Predators; the lascannons can tackle tougher armour.

Lastly dual Heldrakes for air support, naturally they will come with the baleflamer as a. it is awesome and b. dragons shoot fire from their mouths :).

Chaos Space Marines 'Emperor's Children' - 2,000 points


Chaos Lord - lightning claw, chaos bike, signil of corruption & mark of slaanesh
Chaos Sorcerer - mark of slaanesh


5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
5 x Noise Marines w/ Rhino - blastmaster
10 x Chaos Cultists

Fast Attack

5 x Chaos Bikers - 2 x meltaguns, mark of slaanesh & icon of excess
Heldrake - baleflamer
Heldrake - baleflamer

Heavy Support

Predator - lascannon sponsons
Predator - lascannon sponsons

Total: 1,970

Wooo! Makes a change for my lists to be under points, while not a lot under, certainly gives room to play. I guess you could give MoS to the Cultists to keep it in theme, but I think that's a waste of points considering they are pretty crap and also do not belong in combat. You could make the Sorcerer mastery level 3 maybe?

Speaking of points, I am not sold on the icon of excess, maybe ditch that and add havoc launchers onto all Rhinos?

I would like two Helbrutes in the list if I am honest, but keeping honest Helbrutes aren't that good and only a reason to get the Forge World Emperor's Children model :).

List wise it has ten vehicles which two are flyers. Infantry count is sitting at forty seven. Damage out put the blastmasters and lascannons can tackle stuff at range while Heldrakes come in and burn anything sitting in the back row. While this is happening the Bikers move forward and turbo boost, then go around slagging tank after tank. Noise Marines then move up and lay the smackdown with bolters, hopefully get some goodness from the Sorcerer.

This list has a shit load of conversion prospective, greenstuff and guitar wire are your friends!

All you need for Noise Marines is to greenstuff flesh faces on armour, make tentacle arms and convert the standard heavy bolter into a blastermaster by removing the barrel and adding one of those daemon gargoyle heads and some guitar wires leading from the gun into the Noise Marine's back pack.

Heldrakes could be changed into flying symbols of Slaanesh.

Predators could have the same treatment as the Noise Marines; add spikes to the turret and more guitar cables and you're laughing.

Of course, Forge World doors etc along with Slaanesh icons would be extremely mint :)

What do you think of the list?