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Army Lists: Necrons 'Teslacrons' - 2,000 points

In this post the ultimate anti flyer weapon? I said I thought the tesla destructor from the Necron codex is perhaps the best anti flyer weapon in 40k (excluding F.W). At the moment I do not think there's anything close to it. So based upon my comment I thought I would make a Necron list centred around the tesla destructor!

Starting at the bottom of the FoC, I will add triple Annihilation Barges; for 90 points these things are a steal.

Then I'll jump to the troop section and take six units of Necron Warriors in units of five and pop each unit inside a Night Scythe.

Tesla count is nine, which is a lot and without a doubt could get more (double FoC), but I am not going to push it and keep it as is. Plus the list needs other things to function, though if you wanted more tesla Deathmarks with Night Scythe is an option.

List needs a HQ though, so throw in a cheap'o Necron Overlord with a warscythe.

To give the Warriors more punch take five Harbingers of the Storm - they haywire shooting attack is very nice and remember it is S5 so can cause additional damage along side the haywire rule.

Lastly, chuck in two units of six Wraiths with three whip coils per unit; now you have some close combat support elements plus Wraiths are wicked.

A quick check of the list says I am under points by a little bit. Now I do not like the Warrior unit without a Stormtek; I like things to be matching, OCD much? What I could do is have a Night Scythe empty and change those Warriors into a unit of Immortals, they can walk on and claim an objective close to the Necron deployment zone. To keep in the theme give them tesla carbines as well. With the remaining points give the Necron Overlord mindshackle scarabs and job done:

Necrons 'Teslacrons' - 2,000 points


Necron Overlord - warscythe & mindshackle scarabs
Royal Court - 5 x Crypteks - harbinger of the storm


5 x Necron Immortals w/ Night Scythe - tesla carbines
5 x Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
5 x Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
5 x Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
5 x Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe
5 x Necron Warriors w/ Night Scythe

Fast Attack

6 x Canoptek Wraiths - 3 x whip coils
6 x Canoptek Wraiths - 3 x whip coils

Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

Total: 2,000 points

The list has a total of 9 tesla destructors! 9! Each tesla destructor should hit 3 times and if lucky get a single 6 (chance is just over half of getting a single 6+ if I remember right), now we know dice are fickle things and sometimes you just don't get any sixes or sometimes you get three!

While the Night Scythes are pretty awesome, they do have limitations and that is they cannot hover; so they must keep moving minimum 18" and with up to six on the board at a time this could be very difficult.

On the board you start with the two units of Wraiths and the three Annihilation Barges, if you want too you could also add the Immortals and keep them hidden. I doubt anyone is going to wipe out two units of Wraiths and three Annihilation Barges in a turn, but that's why the Immortals could be deployed for. If you are worried you could get blasted off the table turn 1, spread your stuff out and use cover/LOS blocking scenery to help you survive the first turn onslaught.

I did want to add an aegis with a comms relay; though this would cost 70 points and really only gives +1 reserve bonus for two turns; is it really worth it? Anyway, I didn't have the points and figured on average you should get four flyers in on turn two.

I think the list should do pretty well, it has high volume of shots to deal with pretty much anything i.e elite infantry, hordes, armour and flyers and can deal with av14 using gauss and haywire. It even has a close combat element in the form of the Wraiths.

What do you think of the Teslacrons? Electrifying brilliant or shockingly bad?