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E-Mail: Dark Eldar list feedback

Hello Mark,

Hope you're well mate. I'm considering starting a Dark Eldar army and
I'm not really sure where to start.

I've never played with Dark Eldar and never played against them.
However, I had a skim though the codex and picked out what I think
could work well.

From some of your previous posts I can see you're a bit of a guru when
it comes to this army. I was wondering if you would be able to take a
look through the following list and give me a few pointers.

Archon, agoniser, shadow field - 110
3 Trueborn, 3 blasters, venom w/splinter cannon- 146
3 Trueborn, 3 blasters, venom w/splinter cannon - 146
5 Kabalite warriors, blaster, venom w/splinter cannon - 125
5 Kabalite warriors, blaster, venom w/splinter cannon - 125
5 Kabalite warriors, blaster, venom w/splinter cannon - 125
10 Kabalite warriors, w/splinter cannon - 100
Aegis, with quad gun - 100
Beastmaster, 5 khymerae, 2 razorwings - 102
Beastmaster, 5 khymerae, 2 razorwings - 102
Ravager, dark lances - 105
Ravager, dark lances - 105
Ravager, dark lances - 105

I was going to include a razorwing or voidraven, but ravagers are so
much better value for points in the heavy slot, so I thought of
putting a quad gun instead. The archon would man the gun and sit in
the backfield with the squad of 10 warriors. I did consider a icarus
lascannon, because of the possibility of a re-roll on 6s owing to the
archon's BS. Still undecided on this.

One thing rules-wise I'm unclear about is whether if the archon is
part of the unit, he can still fire at a separate target than the rest
of the squad. This is a biggy, because if so, I may just strip out the
splinter cannon and cut this squad down to five.

I gave him a shadow field and agoniser in order to improve his
survivability, to deny slay the warlord points. I may include a
sybarite in order to deflect challenges. Alternatively, I might swap
him out altogether for the Baron, and ride him with the beastmasters.
Then I'd put the warriors on the quad gun.

I'm unsure whether to put the beastmasters all as one unit, or split
them into two. Or to replace both of them for some Incubi for a bit of
close combat punch instead. How well do they do?

I was also tempted to take a squad of trueborn with two splinter
cannons, riding in a double-splinter cannon venom, for a bit more
anti-infantry. I'm not sure how much better that would be compared to

I'm also unsure whether to shave a few points here and there so I can
put nightfields or flicker fields on the ravagers.

I know I'm slightly limited in 1,500 points, and ideally I'd like more
venoms. You can never roll too many dice.

I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your time!


Hey Martin,

At time of writing I've had a head ache since I woke up this morning, but I am hardcore and gonna man up so that's the last I am gonna say about that.

Your list is pretty much the same as mine; I have Baron Sathonyx in mine though, he meshes well with Beastmasters as can move at the same speed and is also an assault unit. Your have an Archon, who only has Beastmasters for combat support, I think having the Archon just to man the quad gun is a waste of points - just use a Warrior to do it. If you insist in keeping the Archon add a soul trap - this will boost the Archon's strength, make sure you issue challenges! I would honestly put in Baron though. 

If the Archon is attached to the Warriors, then yes he is part of that unit and must fire at the same target. 

You do not need Trueborn with splinter cannons; your Venoms have 10 splinter cannons which can fire 60 shots - that is enough anti infantry.

I would definitely add flickerfields on the Ravagers. I have found night shields to be meh, things firing at Ravagers are lascannons, autocannons, missile launchers etc and the Ravagers dark lance range is much shorter than those weapons.

The list is pretty much spot on to be honest, just switch Archon for Baron and add flickers to the Ravagers and you are sorted.

Hope that helps :)