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Mantic goes Death Guard

So I was snooping around an online store looking at parts for my Death Guard army, specifically zombies.  What I noticed was, under Mantic there is a new product that looks, well, familiar. In fact, I was basically planning to replicate the zombie/corporation marine box as part of my search, I'm just using the Wargames Factory bodies as the base because, damn $1 a model is cheap for this hobby.

Well, this is what I found:

Turns out Mantic is making this special deal a full line, albeit just as a bundle. That didn't surprise me since the multi kit bundle dropped within a week of the CSM book, so I'd bet they have been selling like gangbusters. They do note its still the same clip it apart and and kitbash deal. 

What surprised me was this guy:

Mantic went and made themselves a Typhus to go with their zombies!

The megapack is actually a pretty sweet deal, you get:

  • 1 x Metal Mortis
  • 70 Zombie Apokalypse Marines
  • Corproation Marines, Zombie Sprues and Ghoul Sprues
  • 25 Apokalypse Enforcers
  • Enforcers, Zombie Sprues, Ghoul Sprues
  • Round Mantic Bases

So, fake Typhus and 95 zombies (25 will be those weird enforcer guys, I'm not that big a fan except in Dreadball) for £75 pounds. Not too shabby.