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MtG: Vampire Deck

When I made my first deckbuilder kit purchase I got several vampire cards. I've wanted to make a vampire deck for sometime, though it has been on the back burner due to several other decks I am working on. In the end I managed to get a vampire deck sorted. This is what I've come up with:

Vampire Deck

2 x Crossway Vampire
4 x Rakish Heir
4 x Stromkirk Captain
4 x Vampire Nighthawk
4 x Erdwal Ripper
2 x Heirs of Stromkirk
4 x Vampire Interloper
4 x Markov Patrician
4 x Bloodcrazed Neonate

4 x Searing Spear
4 x Vampiric Fury
4 x Tragic Slip

4 x Dead Weight

4 x Rakdos Guildgate
10 x Mountain
10 x Swamp

Total: 72 cards

The deck is over by 2 cards (I like to have my decks at 70) and I have been thinking about ditching the Crossway Vampire; it is a cool card, but rarely comes out.

Many of these cards I picked up in my deckbuilder, which gave me a good foundation to build on. They may not be the best, but it's what I have and I cannot be bothered spending money on this deck. The cards I picked up from the deckbuilder and various boosters are; Rakish Heir, Erdwal Ripper, Heirs of Stromkirk, Vampire Interloper and Markov Patrician.

How it works

If you're a keen Magic: the Gathering player you will notice that this deck is an aggro deck, keeping in vampire theme it goes for the throat. I have thrown in cards such as Searing Spear, Tragic Slip and Dead Weight to deal with pesky threats.

Tragic Slip is a cool card, for 1 mana you can use the morbid rule (cast when a creature died in the turn) and do -13/-13, that will kill pretty much anything off.

Dead Weight does -2/-2 which is very handy against blockers, however I may ditch this card and get Mark of the Vampire which gives +2 and also lifelink. Keeps in my vampire theme, but Dead Weight is also in the vampire theme and a handy card to have about.

Rakish Heir and Stromkirk Captain are power boosting cards; Rakish Heir gives +1/+1 to Vampires when they deal combat damage to a player, several of my Vampires have this rule themselves, so would be getting +2/+2 each turn if they deal combat damage to a player.

Stromkirk Captain is a real badass. This card gives +1/+1 to all Vampires and also first strike! Amazeballs!

Vampire Interloper and Vampire Nighthawk are my flying creatures and they should be causing damage without too much issues. Vampire Nighthawk is pretty evil as has lifelink and also deathtouch.

The remaining Vampires are just there to punch face; Erdwal Ripper has haste, which is handy. Markov Patrician has got lifelink, which is nice. Bloodcrazed Neonate has to attack each turn, which can be a reliability, but if gets through is going to get stronger. Heirs of Stromkirk has the imtimitate rule (creatures cannot block unless same colour or an artefact creature)

Just to be sure I have Vampiric Fury in the deck; this gives all Vampire first strike (in case Stromkirk Captain doesn't get pulled out) and also +2.

Do you use a Vampire deck or some other supernatural deck? Have your say in the comments