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A guide to Daemonic Rewards

The Daemonic Rewards in the Chaos Daemons codex are a lickle weird; they are wargear which is randomly rolled for, just like psychic powers. This makes building your unit/model a challenge as some things aren't a clear cut choice.

Rules of the Daemonic Rewards

There's three types of rewards you can purchase; lesser, greater and exalted. All cost the same points for all models who have access to them. You can have duplicate rewards through out the army but not duplicate rewards on the model, you must re-roll if you get the same result. If you do not like what you roll for you can always swap it for the 0 or 'primaris' reward.

Lesser Rewards

0 - Magic Weapon - Daemon can take an etherblade (S:User AP2) or if daemon of khorne take axe of khorne (instant death on wound of a 6+), daemon of tzeentch can take a staff of change (if enemy model dies then it explodes all units in D6" take S5 AP- D6 hits), daemon of nurgle can take a plague flail (+1 strength, if model suffers an unsaved wound must take a toughness test if fails takes a wound with no armour or cover saves, can glance armour on a 6+) and daemon of slaanesh can take a witstealer sword (S:User AP5 if model takes an unsaved wound it must take an initiative test, if fails model takes a wound no armour or cover saves).

1 - Burning Blood - If the Daemon suffers an unsaved wound in close combat then the unit takes D3 S4 AP5 hits with no cover save.

2 - Cleaving Strike - To hit rolls of a 6+ are double the Daemon's strength.

3 - Corrosive Breath - A template attack S:5 AP:5 armourbane.

4 - Spell Breaker - Daemon has the adamantium will special rule.

5 - Warp Breath - 18" S:8 AP:4 soul blaze

6 - Warp Strider - Daemon and unit get +1 to reserve rolls.

Greater Rewards

0 - Greater Magic Weapon - Daemon can take a greater etherblade (S: +1 AP2 master crafted) or if daemon of khorne can take blade of blood (gives rampage and unwieldly special rules), daemon of tzeentch can take mutating warp blade (S:User AP:3 if enemy character is slayed on a 2+ victim is transformed into a Chaos Spawn), daemon of nurgle can take a balesword (4+ poison instant death) and daemon of slaanesh can take a lash of despair (12" S:User assault 2D6)

1 - Corpulescence - Daemon has +1 wound and it will not die special rule.

2 - Daemonic Resilience - Daemon has feel no pain (4+) special rule.

3 - Dark Blessing - Daemon can re-roll failed invulnerable saves.

4 - Hellfire Gaze - 18" S:8 AP:1 lance.

5 - Touch of Uncreation - Daemon's close combat attacks have the fleshbane and armourbane special rules.

6 - Unbreakable Hide - Daemon has 3+ armour save.

Exalted Rewards

0 - Hellforged Artefact - Daemon can take a hellforged artefact (one chosen per army):

Eternal Blade - S: +1 at the start of each fight sub phase roll a D3, bearer gains this bonus to weapon skill, initiative, and attacks.

The Portalglyph - Place the small blast marker within 12" of the bearer and scatter it 4D6". Portalglyph is treated as an immobilised vehicle (12-12-12 HP:1) and at the end of each movement phase on a 4+  D6 Pink Horrors, Plaguebearers, Daemonettes or Bloodletters (you chose) can pop out.

The Doomstone - At the start of each fight sub phase all enemy none Daemon characters must take a leadership test. If the test is failed then -D6 leadership for the rest of the game. Model reduced to 0 leadership is removed with NO saves of any kind.

Grimoire of True Names - Target a friendly or enemy unit within 24" that has the daemon special rule, if the target is an enemy unit that unit suffers -1 to their invulnerable saves until your next movement turn. If a friendly unit roll a D6 and on a 1-2 the friendly unit suffers same result as above, if 3+ unit gains +2 to invulnerable saves unit your next movement phase.

1 - Doubly Blessed - Roll again on this table and roll on the lesser rewards table.

2 - Riftbringer - At the end of the assault phase roll 2D6 and +1 for every 3 unsaved wounds the Daemon has caused. If total is greater than 9 a new unit of Daemons appears - 2D6 +3 Pink Horrors, Bloodletters, Plaguebearers or Daemonettes.

3 - Souleater - At the end of the assault phase if the Daemon has caused an unsaved wound roll a D6, on a 2+ the Daemon gains a 2+ (to maximum of 10)

4 - Unholy Frenzy - Daemon has the rage and rampage special rules.

5 - Warp Tether - If the Daemon is slain it is placed into ongoing reserves with a single wound. If a vehicle the remaining hull points and damage results are unaffected.

6 - Wind of Chaos - 24" S: 2D6 AP: 4 blast, if an 11 or 12 is rolled then the attack is S10 large blast.

That's the Daemonic Rewards laid out for you. Some are brilliant some are meh and some vary depending what unit/model you're taking them for. Which ones are your favs?