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Being a Realist or a Quitter?

So I recently played a game vs a friend of mine. It was a big bash of 2500 points on a heavy terrain board that looked like this:

It was my Chaos Marines vs his Chaos Marines, Dawn of War Purge the Alien.

His list was
Khorne Lord w/ Power Maul Melta Bombs
Dark Apostle with Burning Brand MoK
2 Khorne berserker squads in Land Raiders with Dirge Casters/Possession
20 Slaanesh Marines with Icon of Excess 2 Plasma, Champion with Plasma Pistol/Power Weapon
30 Cultists: 3 flamers, MoK
Helldrake: Hades cannon
3 Hellbrutes

3 Oblits: MoN

I brought my Noise Marine army that was
Slaanesh Lord: Power Weapon Meltabombs
Dark Apostle
2 Hellbrutes  with MM
Hellbrute with TL Autocannon
20 Slaanesh Marines: Icon of Excess, VotLW, 2 Flamers, Champ with Lightning Claw Meltabombs Gift
32 Cultists: 3 Flamers
3x10 Noise Marines: 2 Blastmasters per squad
Helldrake: Bale Flamer
5 Havocs: 4 Autocannons
2 Vindicators: Possession, TL Bolter
2 Oblits: MoN

We both had somewhat similar lists. I got first turn, and night fighting was on. But here is where it gets interesting:

My first turn of shooting kills 23 Cultists, all 3 Hellbrutes, and a Vindicator. About 600 points and 4 dead units...

His first turn of shooting does 1 hullpoint to a Hellbrute (thanks to a Night Fight cover save) and 1 hullpoint to a Vindicator.

Already he gets super discouraged, and wants to forfeit. I encourage him to fight on and play to the mission (ie hit my small squads for easier points) and so we start the second turn.

My Helldrake comes in and his Land Raider on the right flank gets exploded (I so far have exploded every one of his dead vehicles). Now he quits and tells me gg (good game).

Is this quitting or being a realist? Admittedly at this point, the start of my second shooting phase had a total of almost 100 points of his army dead. The Noise Marines could wipe out the remaining Cultists and Dark Apostle easily (killed 23 first turn, 7 shouldn't be too hard). Helldrake, Havocs and Oblits could start to thin down the Slaanesh Marines.

This would leave him with some stranded Berserkers on one flank, his Lord in a Land Raider with some other Bersekers, the remainder of the Slaanesh Marines, the Oblits, and his Helldrake, while I would have my entire army. Also Victory points I am up 8-0. After the guy walked out, the other guys in the store came around the table to see what he could've done to stay in the game, and couldn't see anything. He wasn't going to be able to win.

What do you guys do when you are facing defeat this early in the game? Honestly it made me kinda upset. I had taken the time to come down and get my army setup and play with him, then he walked out. Admittedly my dice were hot, but still, was planning to batrep the game, but can't really batrep something that ends turn 2...

Was this quitting or just facing the fact?