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Army Lists: Death Guard 'No Spam' - 2,000 points

Recently Mark has been doing a whole series of lists that were "no spam," meaning he would take a relatively mixed set of units, taking advantage of the less used units in a codex. This inspired me to make a go of it, so I threw together a list for my Death Guard, using models I already have.

I decided to make it so each unit is uniquely configured, so I first mixed up my 3 fast attack slots, taking a unit of Spawn, an unit of Bikers, and a Heldrake. The Chaos Lord I took is mounted on a bike, so he can ride with either of the fast units, allowing me some flexibility in how I deploy them (Spawn screen for my Bikes...Bikes screen for my many choices. I would drop all the veterans of the long war and one gift of mutation, probably from the Bike Champ, in order to get mark of nurgle on the Bikers, something I forgot when I was making the list.

The Plague Marines and CSM are pretty self explanatory, I take one melta and one plasma of each, allowing me a little flexibility. The Cultists probably don't need the stubber but I like using the model, and the 20 man squad is probably bigger than I need, but :shrug:, it's an annoying unit to charge due to 2D3 flamer overwatch hits. The 4 Rhinos here can shoot forward first turn, and give cover to my fast infantry units, which can then jump forward to take heat off my forward troops.

For my heavy slots, I went with some additional armour saturation first, and then the eminently affordable Havoc squad with autocannons. This gives me a mixed use shooting platform and a dedicated anti transport shooting unit. For my 3rd slot I took 2 Obliterators, since they offer diverse shooting as well as a close combat threat.

Overall I think that the list has some seriously hard matchups in the current landscape (god help you if you run into massed flyers), but its got a few ways to deal with most threats besides air.