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Army Lists: Tau 'No Spam' - 2,000 lists

Continuing on with the No Spam lists, here's Tau. This list is based upon comments from this article: What is spam? and only two of each per unit can be used.

I also want to add that I am not a Tau player, so this may not be the best Tau list. I am sure you will let me know though ;)

Tau 'No Spam' - 2,000 points


Commander - 2 x missile pods, target lock & drone controller
Commander - 2 x missile pods, target lock & drone controller


3 x Crisis Team - 6 x fusion blaster & 1 x target lock
3 x Crisis Team - 6 x fusion blaster & 1 x target lock


20 x Kroot - sniper rounds
20 x Kroot - sniper rounds
12 x Fire Warriors w/ Devilfish - 2 x seeker missiles
12 x Fire Warriors w/ Devilfish - 2 x seeker missiles

Fast Attack

6 x Marker Drones
6 x Marker Drones

Heavy Support

3 x Broadside Team - 3 x high yield missile pods, 3 x velocity tracker & 3 x seeker missiles
Hammerhead Gunship - submunition rounds & seeker missile
Hammerhead Gunship - submunition rounds & 2 x seeker missiles

Total: 1,997

I was originally planning on adding Farsight and doing the old 'Farsight Bomb', but 165 points to allow a unit to deep strike without scatter is a bit pricey. Only extra thing I can see Farsight brings is his funky choppy sword and plasma rifle.

The plan is for the two Commanders to each join a Marker Drone units, as the Commanders have the drone controller then the drone's will be firing as BS5; nice. The Commanders have target lock so they can unleash 4 S7 missiles into another target while the Drones light up something else.I have added iridium armour onto the Commanders so they can absorb wounds, though of course this greatly depends on the angle of where the enemy fire is coming from.

Originally I had put in two units of Bodyguard, though I switched them for two units of Crisis Suits, which are cheaper and do the same job of unleashing a missile pod storm, but last minute before posting the list I decided to mix it up a little bit and add fusion blasters. Both Crisis Suits can deep strike and unleash double twin-linked meltas, with markerlights they should make sure something is dead. They can also split fire thanks to the target lock.

I think Kroot with sniper rounds are pretty damn awesome. The Kroot can camp it out in terrain and nail infantry with mass sniper rounds, add in some markerlight action and these Krooty are going to be shooting things dead.

I decided to boost up the Fire Warriors to full strength but I still think MSU is  probably the way forward as this way it gives me more troop numbers. The Devilfish are to add to armour saturation and can move flat out to block fire to the Fire Warriors or give cover to the Kroot. I decided to throw on dual seekers seems there's two units of markerdrones in the list.

Lastly, the Broadsides and Hammerheads do the heavy lifting; Broadsides keep an eye out for enemy fliers while the Hammerheads tackle hordes and tough armour. The Broadsides can lend their hand to hordes too if needed, though will be better at nailing bog standard infantry.

As I mentioned, I am not a Tau player, so I just scouted through the codex and looked at things which looked nice. I've kept the units down to two of each, adds some redundancy this way, though still seems there isn't a lot to me.

Hit the comment box and let me know what you think. I am particularly looking for feedback from Tau players.