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What is spam?

Yeah, it's that old chestnut again; spam. What is it and why do so many people hate it?

Well I can tell you that spam is a processed canned meat and people perhaps do not like it as it's a 'fake' meat and probably filled with salt and other nasty stuff. Haha I joke!

What is spam?

So spam then what is it? Well spam is when someone fills the board with multiple units and generally there's just too many targets to take out. As you have probably guessed I do not have a problem with  spam armies at all, and I do not get why people do not like spam armies, however I appreciate why they do not like spam armies - more on this later.

To answer the real question what exactly is spam or should I say what is classed as spam? Would you be spamming Predators if you took three of them for heavy support? After all three isn't a large number. Would you be spamming Tactical Marines if you took six units of them because there's six troop choices? Would you be spamming Terminators if you did a Deathwing army? Or would you be spamming if you took nine Dark Eldar Venoms? What needs to be done is to actually find out what spam is, what number is actually classed as spam? Three? Four? Nine?

I guess the answer to the above question(s) is anything which fills the FoC slot available, so yes, three Predators would be spam as you're filling the heavy support slot and all those examples would be spam. Personally I wouldn't say three is a lot to class as spam.

What about Dark Eldar, they can only take Venoms or Raiders as dedicated transport, so if you go all one or the other then that's spam. If you take a mix then people will moan you're spamming perv-boats.

I think perhaps the real answer is spam is anything more than two, though this is my own thinking and there's no official spam number. You of course may have your own opinion on what exactly counts as spam as in terms of numbers.

Hate the Spam!

One of my pethates is all these silly terms the Internet has introduced into 40k, sometimes these terms come off as an insult to someone who has a built a good list. If it's not a spam list then it's a net list and if it is not a net list then it is a shit list - either way you cannot win.

As mentioned above, I do not understand the hate spam gets, though I do appreciate why people may dislike spam armies. Seems most my armies are spam based then I am pretty biased in the favour of spam armies - after all YOU buy for these plastic toy soldiers so you should be able to play with whatever you like without the back lash from other players/haters.

I have heard people cry out against spam saying it is boring as it all looks the same etc and complain you do not get to see the variety of models. A quick news flash; real life armies look the same - they use multiple of the same vehicle and have the same uniforms, well more or less. Plus if you want to see different models then you buy them or look at them online or something, not complain at someone on their choice of models because YOU want to look at something different.

I also do not understand why a Deathwing army or Ravenwing would be accepted (both armies spamming the same type of units) yet something like a Dark Eldar Venom list is hated. I know people will argue that Deathwing and Ravenwing are fluffy, but read the Dark Eldar background on Venoms - there isn't one or two of them in an assault there's a crap ton of them!

However, the point I appreciate that spam haters make is the fact spam armies can get boring. Yes I know what I said about who buys the toy soldiers etc and that point still stands. What I appreciate is it gets boring is because playing the same spam over and over again. For example I have been playing a lot against Tyranids lately, this is due to the fact I am playing the same person often and not playing other people - this is due to my own reasons so don't take this the wrong way anyone. When I finally did play someone different guess what army they had? You got it, Tyranids! While both lists were very different I was still playing against Tyranids and in many cases the lists had the same units i.e Hive Guard, Tervigon, Flyrant etc. The same could be said if you keep playing against a Ravenwing army or Deathwing army.

So I appreciate where spam haters are coming from. I guess you can say I do understand them and perhaps the better word is I do not agree with the spam hating.

Mercer, get to the point

You're probably thinking what is this douche bag waffling on about again, well there is a point. Sometime ago someone in the comment box challenged me to make lists without spam and I am eager to take up this challenge. Though in order to accept this challenge I need to find out what spam is and also along the way try and understand why people do not like spam armies.

I believe spam is anything more than two units or perhaps three units, take troop choices for example who rarely only have two choices. The question which I ask my beloved readers is what do you think is spam?

Over the next week I will get up some no spam lists, so what army do you fancy seeing no spam lists for?

Hit your replies on what you think is spam and what armies you would like to see lists for in the comment box.