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Base Stampers - a Kickstarter project

Highly detailed Textured base stamps for 25mm round miniature wargaming bases
Our Texture stamps are designed to allow anyone to easily create low cost great looking bases for their wargaming figures that look professionally sculpted.The texture stamps have patterns like urban ruins, bones, rocks and battlefield debris. To use the stamps all you need is to put a little sculpting putty on your base and press the stamp down for the pattern you want, then allow the putty to dry. Cutting the putty away and multiple stampings can be used to create custom bases that give the sculptor endless possibilities of bases for a fraction of the cost of resin bases.
What are they made from?
The stamps are made from resin that gives highly detailed results when stamping. They are colour coded and numbered for ease of use.

What you will need to make great bases in three easy steps.
Modelling Putty, Texture Stamp, 25mm Round Base.
Step 1,Roll the putty into a ball and place in the centre of the base.  
Step 2, Stamp down the putty and leave to dry.
Step 3, Paint and mount your figure on the base.