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Grey Knights Solodin?

As you know I have been pondering about a Draigowing army. I've always fancied an army of terminators and with the addition of dreadknights I can make a very heavy 2+ armour save army.

In order to boost troop units I am taking coteaz (along for other purposes I.e divination) and will take several units of henchmen in razorbacks.

Now we all know razorbacks go pop like a weasel and they are quite expensive, so I do not fancy investing loads of points into razors.

I have been thinking about solodins. The army isn't mega mobile and solodins can help to tackle enemy camping units and weak troop units who are holding back.

Has anyone tried solodins? I am also not sure what to give them; hammer or halberd. Halberd is useful for getting those strikes in first and lets face it back field enemy units wont be mega tough. Hammer can mash 2+ armour save and tackle vehicles easily, though hammerhand with the halberd can help with that. Also the solodin has the large blast psychic shooting attack, which is useful for hordes and infantry.