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Draigowing vs Deathwing - the battle of the wings part 2

This post is a little later than I wanted, but hey ho it's here.

The first part of the  article I mentioned I fancy a heavy terminators army and I had play tested draigowing. As much as I like draigowing it has too many downfalls; too slow, not enough fire power and huge point sinks.

The second part of the article is going to take a look at the original terminator army; the deathwing!

The original wing

The deathwing are basically normal terminators with some sweet extra rules:

* they can deep strike turn 1 or turn 2 automatically thanks to deathwing assault rule.

* shooting weapons are twin linked first time they deep strike.

* they have the split fire rule when they deep strike.

The deathwing get quiet a variety in wargear too; they can take chain fists, cyclone missile launcher, assault cannon to name a few things though more importantly they can take thunder hammers and storm shields. This is a massive bonus over draigowing as the shields give a lot more survivability and the hammers bring ap2. Ok draigowing can get hammers which are needed to replace their force swords, their hammers are also force weapons, but the lack of storm shields hurts.

Deathwing also have flexibilty in terms of fire power. Their heavy weapons are heavy flamer, assault cannon, plasma cannon and cyclone missile launcher. Poor draigowing get the psycannon and incinerator and that's it. Some of these weapons bring additional range too.

Belial, master of the deathwing

Belial is the guy who makes deathwing troops, they are usually elite just like paladins.  Belial isn't anything like draigo, basically belial is a captain, but belial does cost nearly 100 points left and brings a few other benefits. Belial allows a unit to deep strike without scatter, this allows a big ass unit of terminators to drop down and be in the opponent's grill asap where they're needed. Belial also has a teleporter homer so any other units coming in via deep strike can land within 6" without scatter, though this only works on the turn after belial has been deployed.
Which wing?

So, as we can see deathwing can deep strike with good accuracy, this means they can be used aggressively unlike draigowing who walk across the table - deep striking a big ass unit at least 11 models in size is a huge risk. With draigowing walking across the board a smart opponent can avoid them or a shooty army can start to cut their numbers down. I would day throw tarpits etc but draigowing will murder anything they touch.

Deathwing are also cheaper, you can get a lot of models for your points. Of course they aren't as powerful as draigowing, who have force weapons, grenades and the paladins have two wounds each effectively doubling the amount of 2+ save wounds. Though deathwing are more survivable thanks to storm shields and have better variety in fire power.

There are two things I like about draigowing and that's dreadknights and solodins. Deathwing do not have access to a fast moving monstrous creature or fast moving supporting units besides ravenwing, who would be very useful for their teleporter homers. Dreadknights I find really work well with draigowing adding more 2+ save wounds and give fast moving target while draigowing slowly moves up.

Solodins are nice as a cheap unit which can score linebreaker and claim objectives as troops. They can be instagibbed though and brought down with weight of fire power. Deathwing only has themselves, which brings a lot more numbers to do the same job.

One thing both forces suffer with is anti air, though allies can solve this. I have found a libby using prescience is good for anti air along with twin linked weapons on Razorbacks when I previously used draigowing.

The ultimate wing?

Now we have all the facts (no doubt I have probably missed some) I still can't make my mind up which is the best terminator force.

I do like draigowing the best, but the core unit moves too slow and supporting razorbacks can be easily tackled.

Deathwing has a lot much more reliable way of getting the terminators up close and brings a variety in fire power and of course survivability.

I think I am perhaps leaning to deathwing. I'll perhaps plan out some lists are test them.

Oh normal disclaimer about posting from blogger app due to lack of pc.

What do you think is the best wing army?