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Codex speed release?

Good day to all! Long time no post. As you know no internet connection at home means difficulty posting.  At least from my phone I can do small posts.

Back in 5th us fellow GW passionists would complain about the speed of the codex releases. Some armies such as tau and eldar went all the way through 5th ed without having a new codex and only just got new books almost a year after 6th has come out.

Now the speed of codex releases has gone from one extreme to the other; codices are coming thick and fast and in no particular order. There's also the supplements adding additional rules, which seem to be coming at a random pace.

Personally I think releases are coming too quick. 40k feels like a conveyor belt of releases which are coming thick and fast. It feels if you don't keep up with the latest releases you'll get left behind and won't know the new hotness before the next new shiny comes along.

What are your thoughts on the speed of codex releases?