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Harlequins 1.0

Hiya Guys! It's been eons since my last post here on ID. Time is very often quite restrictive, and so hobby time is not always found in quantity.

This time around i was thinking i'd show you one of my later creations!

I don't feel like going too much into the depths about the painting, other than the fact that i am quite pleased with how they turned out.

I've ran these guys with Asdrubael Vect a few times, and although they are a bit slow, i think they do well as long as i'm not playing against Tau or being shot by Wave Serpents...

The Troupe Master from the front!

Troupe master from the rear view. I like the "tree" freehand.

Harlequin with Kiss. Checkered patterns everywhere!

Harlequin with Kiss #2

Modified  with some dark eldar punching weapon to represent a kiss.

Again it's modified with some dark eldar things to represent a kiss

Another one with a Kiss Conversion.
I really had a blast painting these guys, but in the end i was rather tired of freehand-painting checkered patterns on arms, legs, torsos and god knows where.

I was going to add the last model which is a shadowseer, but Blogger was being a complete b***h...

Hope you like them!