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Tyranids - OMG the sky is falling!

The tyranid codex isn't out yet and rules are already starting to dribble out. Along with that you get people having a cry about the rules.

I've heard rending claws are ap4 or ap5 and I've seen people on Facebook complaining about this. If the claws are ap4 that means eldar, dark eldar, tau, guardsmen, orks and anything else which isn't in a 3+ armour save or better is dead as soon as they get wounded. The claws still have the rending rule. Please tell me how this is a bad thing?

The trygon along with other big beasts got a points decrease and lost an attack. I hear people booing about this, but dual bio close combat weapons give an extra attack. The trygon has two pairs of talons,  in theory that's an extra two attacks, which on the charge will work out an extra attack over previously. I don't know about reroll to hit though.

Raveneors lost move through cover, who cares, they're beasts and get that rule anyway!

Don't get me wrong some things do suck such as nids can't take biomancy anymore, apparently.

My point is let's not cry a river until the rulebook hits and it's 100% clear what the rules are.