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Malifaux: unboxing the Latigo Posse

I picked up the new Latigo Posse set yesterday.  For those unfamiliar it's a cowboy family lead by Perdita Ortega.

I've wanted this set for sometime; the models are sweet and I've played against this crew several times and they're a cracking force to be reckoned with.

The Sprue

The Latigo Posse comes with six models in the set. All models except the Enslaved Nephilim are part of the Ortega family.

Perdita Ortega: Perdita is the crew master, if you're unfamiliar with a master think of Perdita as a HQ choice. Peridta is pretty easy to put together; legs join together, body on top along the head. Pop the arms and lower coat on and you're done.

Francisco Ortega: Francisco is the henchmen in the crew, a henchmen is like a less powerful master who and can lead smaller crews; up to 20 soul stones if I remember right. Francisco is just as difficult to put together as Perdita (not very); you have the body, lower coat, arms, single leg to attach then the head and hat. The only minor issue is that Francisco sits on the lip of the base and personally I like my models completely inside the rim of the base, but that's just me been picky!

Santiago Ortega: big guys are usually pretty simple and that's the same case for Santiago. This guy is half the size bigger than the other models and looks like a complete power house. Putting together you just need to stick on the head, arms and the skull belt buckle, which is a little silly having something like that, but it went on easy enough.

Nino Ortega: this guy is a little fiddly to put together and that's because of the pose. Sticking the gun and arms in place was easy along with the head, but the legs stick together like Perdita and then push through the lower coat; my Nino has the coat too low, so the left foot doesn't even touch the base. There's also plenty of fiddly bits as well.

Papa Loco: I built this crazy bastard first and the model was very easy to put together; legs join like other models, body on top along with the head then the single arm and a loose strap. I would say that along with Santiago,  Papa Loco is one of the easiest models to put together in the set.

Enslaved Nephilim: this little shit was a complete pain to assemble! The legs join like other models, but as this guy is so fiddly and small you need some serious patience. The hardest part I found was the chain linking the little gribblies legs.


I found this set to be the easiest set I've put together so far, ok I can only compare to the Guild's Judgement set, but the Latigo Posse was a lot easier to put together.

If you like cowboy demon hunters what have cool and easy to put together models, then I would get this set.